Guide to Two Point Hospital in Lower Bullock

Guide to Two Point Hospital in Lower Bullock

Each hospital offers its own unique attributes. Not all diseases are in every hospital. As a rule, each hospital has its own specialization. The second hospital in World 1 Two Point Hospital is called Lower Bullocks.

The player must reach 1 star level in Hogsport to unlock it. The diagnostic and therapeutic equipment of the Foundation will be updated as the tasks of the hospital are completed.

This guide will take you through everything related to Lower Bullox at Two Point Hospital, including the best plan and star targets for Lower Bullox Hospital.

This guide also covers how to manage staff morale as well as training tips for Lower Bullocks staff at Two Point Hospital.

Hospital with two points, the best layout for lower bullock

The entrance, including the reception area, doctors’ offices, restrooms and staff quarters, is ideal. Then you prefer the diagnostic department or departments with diagnostic rooms, general practitioners, toilets and staff rooms.

In addition, you will need a treatment wing or wings to accommodate treatment rooms, restrooms, and staff quarters. Finally, you will need a commercial and educational section with staff toilets.

Bottom Targets Bullocks Star

The star targets for the lower bullocks in Two Point Hospital are as follows:

1-star hospital

Star goals for a 1-star hospital:

  • Heal 3 patients in the Pan Lab
  • Raise the level of the hospital to 6
  • Owns 2 buildings

You will receive $10,000 and 100 Kudosh, and you will also unlock the Flottering Hospital and the Cardiology Room.

2 star hospital

Star goals for a 2-star hospital:

  • Upgrade 2 cars
  • Raise the level of the hospital to 8
  • Owns 3 buildings

You will receive $20,000 and 150 Kudosh and unlock the Extract-a-Plan II machine.

3 star hospital

Star goals for a 3-star hospital:

  • Heal 20 patients
  • Get hospital level up to 10
  • Attractiveness of the hospital 65%
  • Healing rate 70%

You will receive $30,000 and 200 Kudosh and unlock the Extract-a-Plan III machine.

Lower Bullocks Staff Training Tips

Below we have compiled a list of staff training tips for Two Point Hospital Lower Bullocks:

  • Training is used to increase productivity and keep hospitals running smoothly. Training enables new activities for all staff and expands diagnostic and treatment options.
  • To start a workout, touch the lectern or place the appropriate employee in the room. Once they are ready, employees will also ask for training.
  • Select the certification you want employees to receive on the training screen, select an instructor, and select the person you want to enroll in this program. Press Start when you’re ready.
  • When employees start their training, they will stop working. If the whole janitor focuses on acquiring new abilities, your hospital may start to fall apart.
  • Staff training is voluntary and may be delayed. Until you obtain a license to teach at level 3, Flottering, the training will not be available. But when activated, it becomes retroactively available to Lower Bullocks and Hogsport.
  • You will need a staff member with the experience you would like to teach or a visiting instructor followed by a student who meets the criteria for the ability or certification you wish to pursue.
  • For abilities not yet acquired, you can also hire a teaching consultant whose exact fee will vary depending on the level of certification and the number of students who will teach at a constant rate of 160 percent.
    *Choose the first one if you are prompted to create 2 small practice rooms rather than one large 1. You shouldn’t be training more than 4 people in a room at the same time given how the system is set up.

Passage of the Lower Bullocks

Start small and expand as you progress through the game. In Lower Bullocks, the first room to be unlocked is the Psychiatric Room. Only professionals with a psychiatric certificate will be allowed to treat patients in a psychiatric office.

After building a psychiatric institution, build Pan’s Laboratory and wait for a pandemic. If you spot doctors with healing talents, hire them and the first objective will be reached quickly.

Keep building the facility to make new technologies available. We will have more space to build a hospital if we buy a neighboring plot.

Then upgrade the hospital to level 3 in addition to treating the patient in psychiatry. This will bring you the Drug Mixer II and the EZ-Scan II. After that, upgrade any car to unlock Pan’s Laboratory.

Inferior bulls will face different types of sickness and disease, and a different facility may be required to treat different diseases. For dizziness and vertigo, the De-Lux clinic is required.

Bogwarts, Lycanthropy, Potty Mouth, Misery Guts and Verbal Diarrhoea require a pharmacy.


Pan’s Lab is required for Pandemic, and Prank Infection requires Clown Clinic. Jazz Hand, Lazy Bones, Monobrow, Bedface, Mucky Feet and Portishead require Ward.

The psychiatry room is required for Freudian lips, a false star, a clouded mind, a mime crisis and an inflated ego.

Finding a psychiatrist is sometimes difficult. Always keep an eye on your recruiting list to make sure you can catch one as quickly as possible.

If you happen to find a doctor with a Psychiatry II degree or higher, hire one.

A general practitioner should be hired. The GP office psychiatrist will immediately move to their workplace in psychiatry as soon as you submit the order.

All suitable psychiatrists must be hired. By doing this, you can assign multiple doctors to different offices while avoiding work interruptions.

Constantly monitor queues in therapists and psychiatric offices. If overcrowding occurs, create another building of this type.

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