TheGrefg reaches 10 million followers on Twitch, what is the top 10 with 4 Spanish already?

TheGrefg reaches 10 million followers on Twitch, what is the top 10 with 4 Spanish already?

The world of influencers and content creators is only growing. Names like Rubius, Ibai or AuronPlay have transcended beyond video games and have triumphed outside the borders of Spain. Now, TheGrefg hRubius announced that he hRubius broken the 10 million follower mark on Twitch.

Upon reaching this important figure, the influencer joins three other Spaniards who have reached this important figure. From now on, AuronPlay, Rubius and TheGrefg are already part of an unstoppable quartet.

TheGrefg hRubius celebrated this success with a message on Twitter: 10,000,000 followers on Twitch . A large part of my life dedicated to streaming and this goes for all of you. Thanks to all of you who have ever stopped by my live show and I have made you smile.

Who are the top 10 most followed content creators on Twitch?

  1. Ninja: 18.3 million followers
  2. AuronPlay: 13.2 million followers
  3. Rubius: 12.3 million followers
  4. Ibai: 11.2 million followers
  5. Tfue: 11.1 million followers
  6. xQc: 10.9 million followers
  7. Shroud: 10.2 million followers
  8. TheGrefg: 10 million followers
  9. Pokimane: 9.2 million followers
  10. SodaPoppin: 8.8 million followers

One of the big absentees from TortillaLand 2, the Minecraft series starring various relevant content creators, is precisely TheGrefg. Neither Ibai nor Mister Jagger have appeared either, despite the fact that AuronPlay already mentioned that not all of them would return for this new seRubiuson. You can consult the complete list of participants in this link.

Almost at the same time Karmaland 5 is celebrated, another of the successful series with Minecraft Rubius a backdrop. What are the rules? All the information you need to know about it is detailed in the following news.

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