[Todays Steam] Mark added to the Mark

[Todays Steam] Mark added to the Mark

There is a game that has been named for a few days in the 20th place of the steam day. It is a survival survival game that survives the world where zombies are swelling.

Unseon is a game that appeared in July 2014 through Steam Green Light. It is characterized by a graphic that is mixed with Roblocks and Minecraft, and the player must survive from the zombie and other players who get food and weapons. If you die, 25%of your experiences, skills, items, clothes, etc. are all losing and recipons are reached in other places.

Unted is a game made of one-person development and was pointed out as a completion problem in the beginning. Nevertheless, the continuous maintaining popularity was that it was a low-end for free games. In addition, there are various modes of users through the Steam Creation Madang in a highly freedom sandbox genre. Arena mode, Battle Royale Mode, has also been popular.

The unload has been steadily popular since its official launch in July 2017. In June, Kuwait, one of the maps in the game, was updated, and popularity continued to rise. Since the 5th, the company has been ranking in the steam day’s highest concurrent users, and has maintained 19th place with 52,043 people as of 8th.


In addition, Rust 20, with the new update and the server initialization, ranked seventh with 13,227 people, with a new update and a server initialization.

The ranking of the world’s best sales products has changed. This is because the start of the Chronoa 1 & 2 adventure, which was released on the 8th, was ranked first. The wind Chronoa is a side-scrolling action game released by Bandai Namco in 1997, depicting the adventure of Chronoa saving the world of fairy tale. In commemoration of the 25th anniversary, this title is a remastered work that combines Chronoa 1: Pantomile’s Gate and Chronoa 2: The Lost Founds of the World and returned to an improved graphic than its predecessor.

In addition, Stray, who came to the top of the Steam Wishy List ahead of its launch, ranked 7th, and DNF Duel, which was released on the 28th, ranked 10th.

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