How to get Ye Suhua in Dislyte

How to get Ye Suhua in Dislyte

ask yourself How to get Yeh Suha in Dislyte ? Don’t look for anymore, since we have it covered.

Ye Suhua, also known as Shao Siming, is easily 3 stars’ stronger shimmer in Dislyte, but there is only one problem. Actually, you can’t get her out of the call of Echo; Instead, you have to use the undulation dimensions to catch it, which is a total pain in her ass.

Get Ye Suhua in Dislyte

* First, be sure to have an active list of friends with people who are cultivating ritual and Sonic Miracles.

You can complete your list of friends easily by just going to the game’s chat and letting people know that you are looking for active players and adding people from there.

* Try to join an active club.

Similar to the list of friends, being in an active club with people who grow ritual and Sonic Miracles will also increase their chances of getting a Ripple dimension.

* Watch your general chat and the club’s chat.

Now, here is the trick: every time a Ripple dimension for someone is activated, the game will send a notification to all on the list of friends of that person and everyone in the club of that person. The notification will appear in the club chat if you are in the same club and in the general chat (any channel) if you are on your list of friends.

The notification will appear for all the others 15 minutes later, if they are in the same channel of Chat as that person. 15 minutes is a long time, and taking into account how fast these dimensions of Ripple are filled, it is definitely recommended that you try to keep your list of friends and club as active as possible.

* begins to farmear ritual and Sonic Miracles without stopping.

If you expect to activate a undulating dimension yourself, start farmeting the ritual and Sonic Miracles. After completing a race, it has a very small possibility to activate a undulation dimension, which can then be accessed in the test menu. However, it is not guaranteed that its dimension is for Ye Suhua, since it also has the possibility of obtaining it for other characters such as Dhalia and Berenice.

* If everything else fails, camp the game chat.

There is absolutely no shame in simply camping in the chat if you are tired of agriculture. However, this is a very tedious process and needs to be very fast with this method. All you have to do is open the game’s chat and wait for a notification of Ripple Dimension, or someone in the chat to link it.

At the time the link appears, quickly touch it to enter. The Ondulation dimensions of Ye Suhua are usually filled in seconds, so it can be a bit more difficult to do in a mobile device. We recommend playing the game in an emulator as blostacks if you plan to grow it in this way.

* Once you have 30 fragments, call it from the echo menu.

Finally, go to the Echo menu and select Record Stand. Each ripple dimension gives you six fragments, so once you have 30 of them, you can invoke it from here.

Ye Suhua skills in Dislyte

So here why Dislyte’s players are so desperate to get Ye Suhua. It is a very useful support unit to have at the beginning of the game, and it is still very useful even in the content of the end of the game and in the PVP defensive teams. Here is a summary of your skills:

Star powder: * inflicts damage equivalent to 130 % of the ATK to an enemy with a 70 % probability of inflicting an ATK reduction during 2 shifts.
Astral Guardian: Heals a teammate for 30% of the maximum HP of it, giving him invincibility and recovery for 1 shift. If the teammate has less than 50% HP, it gives an additional recovery benefit for 1 shift.
Star dancer: * Give ATK UP and DEF UP to Espers Allies for 2 shifts.

Is it worthy?

The big question is: is it worth getting Ye Suhua at the potential cost of your sanity? Well, it really depends. As mentioned above, if you are camping the game chat in an emulator, trying to cultivate its fragments is not really so painful. But if it is on a mobile device, then, accessing its dimensions of Ripple will probably be much more difficult.

For new players who do not have a lot of support mirances at their disposal, we would say yes, it is worth getting it. . It is a great waiting to which you can get very much in almost all aspects of the game, so even if you are not planning to make a great agriculture, at least try to collect the fragments of it slowly over time.

On the other hand, if you already obtained Gabrielle from the waiting fusion function and you have other good support units such as HENG YUE, Clara or Sally, then you can pass it safely.

That is all you need to know about How to get Ye Suhua in Dislyte .
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