Stardew Valley: How to find the Linus basket (where is the Linus basket)

Stardew Valley: How to find the Linus basket (where is the Linus basket)

Stardew Valley throws you random missions so that you complete them and you can have a break between the banalities of everyday life on the farm. One of these is from Linus, the homeless person of Pelican Town who lost his Moras basket. You will have that return basket for him in a short time. Here is Where is Linus’s basket at Stardew Valley .

Unfortunately, Linus himself does not say where the basket could be, because he does not remember it. Fortunately, what Linus can’t tell you, we can!

First you will receive the message in your mailbox on the Linus basket in autumn 8 in the year 1. Once you have read the message, you can proceed to locate the missing article.

How to find Linus basket at Stardew Valley (where Linus basket is)

The Linus basket can be found next to the road near the tunnel in the backwoods area.

From your farm, go to the east. This will take him to the bus stop area where he will want to walk to the royal road and then follow her west.

Go along the road and outside the screen to the left will take you to another area where, when you reach the end of the road, you will find the basket aside. Stop it when you are there!

Here is an image of the specific area in Stardew Valley, in case it helps you.

Once you pick up the basket, you can return with Linus, which is usually in its store west of the mines and then you can continue and return it.

If you somehow manage to lose the basket, you can go to the box of lost objects in the Lewis mansion to grab it from there. However, it is worth noting that you cannot use or sell Linus’s basket, so don’t worry, you can’t lose it forever.

Congratulations on completing this mission!

It is definitely worth following, since it gives you fast money, but even better, it brings you closer to Linus. He is a good guy and his story is very endearing. The more friends, the better, right?

If you are looking for the entire city of Stardew Valley to be on the good side of it, here is a guide for all the tastes and dislikes of it.

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