[Lee Dong -sung] It is trying to cut it away…

[Lee Dong -sung] It is trying to cut it away… ?

Recently, the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) has asked for blocking domestic access to two steam games. The target game is an adult game developed by overseas game companies. The game committee explained that he had received a complaint and put a blocking request, and Steam immediately accepted the request.

In fact, if you think about it, it’s not a big event. The government agency has received a complaint from the government agency for games that do not meet the domestic deliberation standards, and only the game committee has worked with a duty to respond. In particular, the two games are highly rejected in Korea. In addition, the Game Committee said there is no plan to monitor the game that is distributed to steam in addition to the complaints.

However, when the news came, domestic gamers were very drunk. I was anxious that the game might spread to another game just by blocking the steam game. Game Mecca ID Aikuru The start of the game will be increasing, Naver ID Ghosts Saints can’t play adult games This is it. One netizen said, Then, will you block everything immediately when you come in? The game can’t be done like this.

As you can see from the opinions of gamers, the situation has spread so much because it may be a concern for the overall regulation of Steam’s adult game, even the overall regulation of Steam. In the past, there have been many cases that have already been asked for deliberation by complaints, and the game committee has a policy to easily deliberate the overseas games of steam. Most of all, this issue has proved that if the game committee requests the game, it can be restricted from the valve at any time.


This does not mean that Steam’s responsibility is not without it. Steam is a marketplace where you can sell programs freely without prior censorship without the influence of the International Classification Union, including ESRB, the US deliberation agency. Even minors can easily buy and enjoy adult games. In the current Korean law, which is distributed in Korea, steam is a gray zone in the current Korean law. The game committee is also demanding steam to acquire autonomy.

In the end, in order to end gamers’ concerns and anxiety, the game method is revised to suit the reality, and the steam also introduces the adult certification system. I hope that one day you can enjoy the game without worrying about steam sanctions.

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