The Sims 4: How to make the 100 babies challenge

The Sims 4: How to make the 100 babies challenge

They want to know How to make the challenge of 100 babies in the Sims 4? This interesting objective is not for heart weak, since it requires a lot of work to complete it. Here is everything you need to know.

The 100 babies challenge is exactly what it seems: a challenge that pushes you to have 100 babies in the Sims 4. Seriously. While many challenges in the Sims 4 community also tend to have some type of element related to history, the challenge of 100 babies is much easier.

There is no particular explanation that you have to have in your brain about why your sim is going to spend most of his pregnant life. It is only part of fun and in reality he is much more challenging than you could expect.

How to make the 100 babies challenge in the Sims 4

To start with the challenge of the 100 babies in the Sims 4, you will have to start with the future mother. Create a last young Sim and move it to the lot you want. The only rule to remember at this point is that tricks cannot be used when trying to complete this challenge. So, if you want a huge nursery for all your little ones or a luxurious backyard to escape from a house full of babies crying, you will simply have to work to achieve it. Feel free to start with little and save your money since there are no restrictions to move to different lots.

While you have the freedom to move as you want, this challenge includes a variety of different requirements and restrictions that make the challenge of 100 babies even more difficult. These are the general guidelines:

  • Your matriarch cannot get pregnant with the same SIM twice
  • None of the parents can move home or can help the home in any other significant way. In other words, do not believe that you can make one of the baby’s parents do all the job while you stay at home and take care of the number of babies that grow quickly in the house.
  • All their children’s features and aspirations must be randomly
  • It is not allowed to influence what genre the baby will be
  • It is not allowed to use mods, personalized content or traps
  • You can use nanny services or any other help hired to administer all young people, but you cannot use the free service reward feature
  • You can join and create clubs, but you cannot use certain advantages of the club. The advantages of the Network Club, Rally The Troops and any emotional advantage obtained from the clubs are prohibited in the challenge.
  • Once a child becomes a young adult, he is free to move from the house to leave the new babies, but he can never move to the house again.

You will successfully complete the challenge once you have given birth to your baby number 100. Take into account, however, when you tell your children that the last baby is the only one who does not have to become a young adult before he really Count for your total. This will prevent some of you, the most sinister players, to kill Sims minors and still try to tell them for their total.

Rules for the change of matriarchs

Make a SIM give birth to a whopping 100 babies in a single life in the Sims 4 is a difficult challenge. Fortunately, this challenge will not force you to assume that type of discouraging task. You are absolutely allowed to change matriarch after your SIM becomes an old man.

At this point, his oldest daughter will be the one to step forward and continue with the challenge of the 100 babies. If the new matriarch is not a last young man, she must keep her original matriarch at home to help take care of her. However, once you have become a young adult, you are free to get the original matriarch of the house and leave the baby’s tasks (intentional word game) to the next in row.

Keep in mind that its original matriarch cannot marry until there is a new online matriarch that can currently assume the new responsibilities of motherhood. If her original matriarch marries, she must also move from the house since the new husband will not be able to stay in the same lot.

It is perfectly well to go out with other Sims at any time in the challenge, as long as the matriarch does not commit before being an old woman with a last young daughter.


How to age

There are some things to consider when it comes to age your Sims during the challenge of the 100 babies. Babies can only age on their natural birthday, but other ages will give you a margin of maneuver about when you want your sims to enter the next stage of life.

Young children can age on their natural birthday or once they reach level 3 in all skills or after reaching the maximum of three skills. Children and adolescents can grow on their natural birthday or after receiving one A at school.

making money

This is where things can get quite complicated. You cannot leave a house full of babies without supervision to run to work every day and not be able to get a job. The current matriarch of the house is only allowed to enter money from the sale of paintings, books or gardening products. Essentially, you can only make money from home.

Any other home-based money generator that comes up depends on you, as long as your work does not take you away from your children’s house. For players who use the City Living or Get To Work expansion, there are also some other options.

Players with the Get To Work expansion can have a retail business and players with the City Living expansion can have any race that comes with the package provided that the SIM works from home.

And that is all you need to know about How to make the challenge of the 100 babies in the Sims 4. To get more help, be sure to consult the rest of sim.

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