Yoon Young -chans blockchain game is a new paradigm

Yoon Young -chans blockchain game is a new paradigm

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference, hosted by the Korea Game Media Association, opened on the 23rd at the Pangyo Creative Economy Innovation Center in Gyeonggi-do.

At the NFT/Blockchain Game Conference in Korea, Double Democratic Party Yoon Young-chan, a member of the Double Democratic Party, made a congratulatory speech.

Representative Yoon Young-chan said, Today’s game industry has grown into one of the representative cultural contents.

The game industry is faster to accept innovation than any field, he said.

Representative Yoon said, As the game industry is strong in change, the results of recent combination of blockchain technology are also coming out one after another.

Lastly, Yoon also spoke about P2E games, which were the main topic of the game industry last year and this year. P2E is a combination of virtual paintings and games, which adds to the concept of creating revenue of the game, and has shifted a new paradigm with the concept of blockchain.

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