What if you enjoy Steam games as AR?
 -In ben

What if you enjoy Steam games as AR? -In ben

China’s hardware manufacturer Neal will support some steam games with its own AR glass. If you run a steam game with AR glass, you can enjoy the game on a wider screen than using an expensive ultra-wide monitor.

In the late June, Enreal announced that it will release the beta version of Nebula, an AR glass-only application, on Steam. When the app is released, you will be able to play the steam game on the 200-inch HD screen anytime, anywhere by utilizing Enreal Light and Neal Air.

Instead of a monitor, the screen of the PC game will be streamed through AR glass, and in the early stages of the beta, only a few of the steam games will support the function. It is now known that the Halo series and The Trally will be included in the support title, and no information on which steam games will support this function.

The sunglasses-type AR glass ‘Enreal Light’, which can be a rather unfamiliar name for domestic users, was first released in the United States in November 2021. The weight is only 106g, and it has a 52 degree viewing angle, which is relatively wide as a glasses-type device. At the time, the US launch price was set at $ 599.

‘Enreal Air’ is a new AR glass, which was released as a follow-up following the Enreate Light, and was first released in the UK and the Japanese market in March. It has 3DOF tracking, micro OLED screens, 1080p resolution, and 46 degree viewing angle, and features a clear screen from a maximum of 6 meters from a distance of about 6 meters. The price was set at 39,800 yen (about 380,000 won), which is a little cheaper than the enrolled light. The price is provided by the Japanese telecommunications company, Tokomo Shop, and can be purchased at 399 pounds in the UK.


On the other hand, Enreal will be held for a month from 27th to July 27th. The apps developed using NRSDK, an app development kit provided by Enrings, are the conditions for participation, and the category is available in various fields from home fitness to art, game, porting, social and NFT. The total prize money is $ 100,000 (about 130 million won), and the winning works will be paid $ 10,000.

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