Why is Minecraft Realms not saved?

Why is Minecraft Realms not saved?


If you are interested in why your minecraft Realm is not preserved, most likely this is due to a systemic error. The error is probably associated with a wider problem with the server, which you can check by viewing the status of the minecraft server. But even in this case, it is unclear whether the problem with the server is the cause of the error, since Mojang officially did not recognize the existence of a problem. For this reason, we recommend regularly upload worlds minecraft realm yet the problem has not been solved.

How to download your minecraft realm

To upload your world to Minecraft Realm, you should visit the Reserve Copies of the World in the Minecraft Realm settings. You can find the Minecraft Realm settings by clicking the Setting button . After clicking Request the region, find the Reserve Copies of the World parameter at the bottom of the screen. In the Reserve Copies of the World section, you can download your minecraft realm by clicking the button with the inscription Download the last version.

Can you restore remote minecraft realms?

If you are interested in whether you can restore Minecraft Realm, which is not preserved due to the conservation error, you cannot. After Minecraft Realm was removed or not preserved, it is impossible to restore it. But if the error has not touched you up, you can prevent an error by loading a backup copy using the method described above.

Can you fix the Minecraft Realms error, which is not saved?

At the time of writing, there was no way to circumvent the Minecraft Realms saving error. For this reason, we recommend creating backups of your worlds Minecraft Realms before they are removed.

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