Nightingale survival and crafting appear in all their glory at Summer Game Fest

Nightingale survival and crafting appear in all their glory at Summer Game Fest

That a game is led by Bioware veterans who have worked on sagas like Mass Effect or Dragon Age is more than enough reason to consider it. And that’s where they are with Nightingale, the survival game from Inflexion Games, with a new gameplay trailer from Summer Game Fest, in which we can see more about the creativity that the title will bring to this fantasy universe.

Survival with Bioware Legacy
In the video, we can see in-depth what Nightingale’s survival mechanics will be like, where crafting, construction, or combat will not be lacking. With the advantage that we can enjoy it both alone and in the company thanks to its cooperative factions.

The video shows how the Nightingale Kingdom Cards offer players an innovative way to influence their journeys through the mystical portal system. If handled correctly, they will determine the different attributes of the Realmwalkers in each new world they conjure. Additionally, the trailer introduces the Automatons – a new, scheming Fae enemy that Realmwalkers will encounter on their adventures exploring the realms.

We can craft the resource cards with the resources we obtain, imbuing them with unique attributes that vary from environment types, weather patterns, resources, challenges, and much more. Card attributes are used in conjunction with Nightingale’s sophisticated procedural generation system, allowing players to create a realm based on the conditions they delimit, thus increasing both the depth of exploration and variety and the discovery of adventure.

Nightingale is currently developing to launch in Early Access on PC sometime in 2022, with a closed beta kicking off in the coming months.

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