How to make a boat with a chest in Minecraft.

How to make a boat with a chest in Minecraft.

Minecraft players can create a sea portable chest with very simple craft recipes. Known as a boat with a chest, this can be done at the very beginning of the game, and this is good, because you will need it to study the best mincraft sidov. If you want to create any objects in Minecraft, you will need a craft table, and then you will need to organize materials in the correct order.

How to make a boat with a chest in Minecraft.

The craft recipe is shown on the image above. You need to place a boat and a shovel in the central lower slots and a chest in the middle slot. From there you can create a boat with a chest and use it when you want.


Storage of a boat with a chest is the same as one chest, that is, it has 27 slots that players can use as a storage.

how to make a boat in minecraft

Above, we have a recipe for making a boat. Fill the three lower slots, as well as the left and right slots with wooden boards. Then put the shovel in the middle, and you can make a boat.

How to make a chest in minecraft

You can create a chest by filling all the slots in the workbench, except for the middle, with wooden boards of any type. The chest will remain the same regardless of the material you use. Otherwise, just follow the recipe in the picture above.

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