The French stage CARD SHARK Starting CARD SHARK Waiting for a conspiracy of a strange history is life or death [Special repo]

The French stage CARD SHARK Starting CARD SHARK Waiting for a conspiracy of a strange history is life or death [Special repo]

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Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so? So, in this article, we picked up one from such a game. I would like to deliver the actual content clearly.

This time, the ADV Card Shark is attractive for the smell of the conspiracy that is drawn and the old trick that can still be used. Let’s take a look at the points and attractiveness.

18th Century France will be a squid master!

This work is a game where you can win by making full use of the unusual squid. You can enjoy the process of the game from the bar at the end of the field to the table with the king with Ikasama using Trump. However, there is only the stage in the 16th century, and it will lose your life when ** Ikasama is out.

CardShark Steak Points Part 1! The smell of the drawn-in conspiracy

The protagonist cannot speak words, and can only show his reaction by performing expressions and gestures. However, as a result of the Count Saint-Germain, he will be invited as a buddy of his bet. After that, the two were involved in the incident due to the extension of the gambling stadium, and they will go on a journey on a squid pilgrimage on the whole of France, but in an unexpected history of the French royal scandal and conspiracy. I will get caught.

In this work, the expression of the light and atmosphere such as the board during the game is also wonderful. There is a fluctuating light and fluctuating light, and a confrontation on the ship, so that the object is shaken, not only the killing atmosphere of the gambling spots that exchanges money, but also the atmosphere of the 18th century France full of dignified. You can feel it.

CardShark Steak Points Part 2! Old tricks that are still available

At the beginning of the game, I started with a simple trick, such as stealing the card and telling my partner to wipe the opponent’s card in a table, and when I proceeded with the game, it developed into a trick called Three Card Monte. It will develop into a safe technique that winds money from passers-by on the road in the countryside.

Furthermore, it is necessary to control the cards to be passed by training the skills freely, and the more multiple techniques overlap as they fully hold the game, so that all of them are necessary for all of them.

It is not only used only on the spot, but it is also one of the attractions of this work how calm and execution can be executed as the number of complex tricks increases through the story. The more time you spend on the trick, the easier it is to get out of the trick, and even if you win too much, you will be alert.

Ikasamabare in this work… that’s an inevitable death. At the maximum difficulty, failures are directly linked to the erasure of save data, causing intense rush.


At the end

This work is the biggest attraction of this work, such as an idyllic atmosphere drawn in from the beginning and a gameper that has a sense of presence, such as a gambling place with a sense of presence. It may be a work that can be enjoyed if you read this article and have a part that touches the cord.

How about traveling throughout France using Ikasama?

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