Sonic Frontiers looks at a spectacular 7 -minute gameplay in the open world

Sonic Frontiers looks at a spectacular 7 -minute gameplay in the open world

Sonic Frontiers , the next video game of SEGA , promises to be the most ambitious title of the already dilated history of Sonic. So much so, that beyond a curious visual video gamepect of the most realistic, the possibilities of a gigantic open world to travel at full speed. And good proof of this is this new and recent video of 7 GamePlay Minuteos ** after the brief progress of yesterday; This hvideo game been shared by IGN through one of its usual firstfruits at the level of hands on, this time, at the controls of Sonic Frontiers.

Frenetism and freedom at maximum speed

Thus, this new video clip that you can see below offers us a much deeper look at what Sonic Frontiers holds, both at the level of freedom to move where we plevideo gamee and in the extreme speeds that we can reach to the controls of Sonic The Hedgehog.


Although two of the most surprising video gamepects of this new advance in video are the enemies and the puzzles . So much so, that it seems that Sonic’s robotic rivals will become more dangerous and imposing than ever, with considerable size beings that will constantly put us against the ropes. On the other hand, the puzzles integrated with Sonic’s own mobility promise to be a challenge for the player.

To all this we must add the colossal landscapes that combine wild nature with the architectural remains of what seems like an ancient civilization . Of course, the premise of this new Sonic is most attractive. To discover more we will have to wait for its planned launch by the end of this 2022 in all current systems, that is, PC , PS4 , Xbox One , PS5 PS5 , Xbox Series x | s and Nintendo Switch **.

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