Which are the Best Cosplay Of Genshin Impact Characters?

Which are the Best Cosplay Of Genshin Impact Characters?

While Genshin Impact was released in 2020, when most of the themed events were canceled, the Cosplayer didn’t miss out on trying new outfits. In recent months, they’ve been painstakingly trying to bring their favorite characters to life.

Social media is flooded with cosplay creations that make players feel closer to their cosplay characters. The selection contains a fantastic series of role-plays in which the authors do their best.


Every team must have a fantastic character like Barbara. Also, developers have the opportunity to get it for free. She controls the energy of the water and heals not only physical wounds but also mental wounds. Gamers love this shining star as much as the people of Mondstadt, as evidenced by the unrivaled cosplay of PeachMilkyCosplay. She perfectly reproduces the face of Priest Favonia and can convey her essence.
The Cosplayer has previously portrayed characters in video games, including Aeris from Final Fantasy VII.


Respect to Chef Li Yue. The heroine’s element is fire, and she uses a spear as a weapon. She enjoys roaming Tivat searching for rare dish ingredients, such as lizard tails in her free time. The apple raised by Roxanne Kho to the camera makes the cosplay even more charming.


Under the guise of a carefree young man, the Archon of the Wind liked to hang out in Mondstadt and sing. He’s known for being playful and easygoing, but he cares about the area despite that.
HaruToast is the author of cosplay, and every detail, from the pose to the instruments, looks flawless.


Mondstadt Glider Champion and Ordo Favonius Scout. She is cheerful, kind, brave, and tirelessly maintains the order and safety of the city, for which the citizens express their heartfelt thanks. Suiseiko accurately reproduced the appearance of the heroine and successfully conveyed her outstanding character.
Previously, she also tried everyone’s favorite Rem in Re: Zero in the form of an idol.

Doe bay

Dreadnought Captain of the Southern Cross Fleet. The picture shows the closer who keeps delighting the audience with fresh content. Although the heroine has four stars, she has many virtues. She hits enemies on the spot with a powerful electric shock while terrorizing and admiring the inhabitants of Liyue.


Free starter team character and librarian Ordo Favonius. She is brilliant and often lends a helping hand to the knight. The heroine’s love for books is too much, and her element is electricity. The author of this beautiful work is Alodia Goseingfiao.
The talented cover has appeared on TV more than once and has been involved in professional filming.


A mysterious girl who is incomprehensible due to her strange way of speaking. Beside her is Oz, a talking crow that attacks opponents with electric shocks. In the photo, Ellie posed a pose unique to the heroine.


Every inhabitant of Mondstadt knows Jinn, the current master of Ordo Favonius. She worked tirelessly to maintain order in the city and help those in need. Elf is a five-star character with considerable strength, and her element is air. It is not the first time that the female protagonist has been tried on by Hendoart and has been reincarnated as a game character.
She also played Raven in Teen Titans, D.Va in Overwatch, and famously Samus Alan in the Metroid series.


Knight Sparkle is brought to you by an avid gaming fan. Klee, a little girl with a passion for explosions and destruction, is Ordo Favonius’ bomb expert. The genie is often disturbed by the side effects of her antics, so incarceration has become a habit for the heroine.

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