Pokemon Go: Problem mit Alola an Alola

Pokemon Go: Problem mit Alola an Alola

On May 25, 2022, in Pokémon Go, special research “Alola an Alola” became available, who can snap all players (under certain conditions) by June 1, 2022 to celebrate the end of the Alola season. The specific requirements mentioned are formed as follows: Anyone who does all Alola special research to the islands of Mele-Mele, Akala, Ula-Ula and Poni by June 1, 2022 will receive the “Alola an Alola” special research for free. If you can’t do this, you can buy the ticket for special research and then also enjoy your kind of research and rewards.

However, there was a problem at the start of the final event on May 25, 2022 and the purchase option for the ticket in the Pokémon Go shop had to be deactivated.

now back: the purchase ticket to Alola on Alola

On May 27, 2022, the ticket in the Pokémon GO shop became available again. The problem that caused the offer was the following: The ticket was displayed for the ticket in the app store, i.e. on iOS devices, a different price. The problem has been solved.

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Double Alola to Alola Special Researches in Pokemon GO
Now it is the case that some Pokémon Go players had nevertheless managed to buy the ticket. Those affected also kept their ticket and access to the tasks of Alola to Alola. However, in order to compensate for the price difference, those who bought the ticket on May 25, 2022 should contact the support of the app store. “In this case,” says Niantic’s people, “the ticket you bought will not be removed.” However, the question arises: Do you want to get involved in a possible support stress with the Apple customer service?

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