The Sims 4: iconic NPC

The Sims 4: iconic NPC

As soon as EA has cut out a free update for customizable pronouns, the publisher pushes another. After ages, the iconic Grusel family gives a real beauty cure. The player favorites shine in new splendor and the publisher also unpacks some funny facts about the cult sims.

Sims family Grusel gets a new look

The ** scary family has been an integral part of the popular series since the first DIE SIM part. Back then in a different constellation and among other things. Mortimer, Bella, Kassandra and Alexander are among the absolute favorites of the Sims 4.

In the meantime, the family is getting a bit old and fans have long wanted a redesign of the four Sims. So far, hardworking Simmer has created a hand and missed the family of the family, based in Willow Creek.

But that is no longer necessary! Because EA and Maxis grabbed the family and missed their a chic makeover . The new look is integrated into the basic game with a free update. So you should download the current version of the Sims 4.

Here you can see a before and after comparison of the eerie family:

Do you know these fun facts about the Grusel family?

In addition to the general overhaul, EA chats out of the sewing box and reveals some funny facts about the family with the obsession for death:


* family Grusel and Landgraab have a long-term feud about who owns parts of the city

Mortimer is zodiac sign * bull, Bella and their children are cancer

In the Sims 2, the scary family is part of a caught love triangle *, which ends in Bella’s ominous disappearance

In the same part, Bella can be seen as missing person * on milk packs

The showtime expansion to the Sims 3 holds a ancient figure * hidden, which is designed according to Morgana scary, the beauty of which brought the men around the mind

Many creepy family members have disappeared under bizarre and tragic circumstances *, Samuel Grusel has been poisoned by a magical jelly bean, for example

  • In the Sims 3 there are two novels written by Alexander Grusel. You have the titles “Where is Bella” and “Murder in beautiful”, which leads to speculations about Alexander as a possible murderer

Members of the Grusel family only have cats *

Lady Ravendancer Grusel is the oldest known member and was a magician *. So it says in a book from the Sims 3

_ Do you have any further SIMS secrets? Then go along here: _

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