How to fix the Minecraft 502 Bad Gateway error

How to fix the Minecraft 502 Bad Gateway error

There are many errors that you may encounter, trying to play Minecraft. These errors often interfere with you to play the game. Some of them can be corrected using simple solutions to eliminate problems, but some problems are caused by minecraft servers. One mistake that you may encounter is a 502 Bad Gateway mistake.

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How to fix the Minecraft 502 Bad Gateway error

Most likely, you will encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error when trying to access the Minecraft website in your browser. An error usually means that there is a problem with connecting an Internet server to the Minecraft website, which does not allow you to get to the site. Support for Mojang recommends several options for eliminating problems to correct the error.

Try Browser update , as the site can be rebooted without error. If this does not work, try closing and re-opening the browser . If your browser needs update, update can also solve the problem. You can also turn off the computer or laptop and turn it on again to see if this will solve the problem.

If none of these methods for eliminating malfunctions helps to get rid of an error message, try reset your Internet . To restart the Internet, you will need to restart the modem, or you can turn off the modem and connect it again by waiting a few minutes. You can also enable and turn off the router along with the modem if they are separated, but this is not always necessary.

However, the Minecraft 502 Bad Gateway error usually disappears after a short expectation. The mistake of a bad gateway is generally a problem on the side of Mojang and not a player, so you may need to just wait until the problem is solved by itself.

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