Broadcasting contribution threatens to rise in 2022: Last increase not long ago

Broadcasting contribution threatens to rise in 2022: Last increase not long ago

The high inflation in Germany could continue to drive the broadcasting contribution. The last increase did not exist until July 2021.

Kassel – The radio fee could increase again in 2022 due to the high inflation rate in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, this was 7.4 percent in April, an increase of 0.8 percent compared to the previous month. In many areas of life, consumers already feel this, such as at the supermarket fund. One reason why, for example, around 1.3 million people are threatened by poverty in Lower Saxony.

Broadcasting contribution could increase 2022: Inflation has consequences for GEZ

In an interview with the FAZ, Martin Detzel also expects a renewed increase in the broadcasting contribution, reports Detzel has been the head of the Commission to determine the financial requirements (KEF) since January 2022.

Bloomberg Surveillance 05/17/2022: Strength of the Consumer
The KEF determines the financial requirements for public service broadcasting and submits a report every two years. The last GEZ increase was now 18.36 euros per month in July 2021 and has been collected since August 2021.

Broadcasting contribution: Experts are still in 2022 from increasing the GEZ in 2022

As Detzel reports in the FAZ, there is no certain mechanism when the radio contribution will increase by what percentage increases, but the KEF reviews of the broadcaster. At the same time, the Commission is looking for savings potential.

Nevertheless, due to inflation in Germany, Detzel expects a slope of the radio contributions, which in his statement does not have to rise as much as the current inflation rate specifies.

The KEF wants to “resolve possible savings volume from rationalization, cooperation and digitization in order to keep the burden on the citizen as low as possible”, Detzel is quoted in the faz. Because the high inflation rate in Germany is currently very burdening the citizens.

There are also enormously more expensive energy costs at increased food prices. Therefore, the question arises whether a further burden on the citizens is justifiable by an increasing radio contribution. Detzel does not want to rule out this and believes that this is a political decision (more digital news at contribution).

Despite the GEZ obligation: Not all pay their broadcasting contributions

Almost 40 million households are obliged to pay a radio fee of 18.36 euros per month to finance the public service broadcasters ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio. However, this obligation does not meet all of them, as current figures on contribution residues show.

According to this, the public service alone recorded loss of 903 million euros in 2020 alone, including late payouts. With another increase, the losses could continue to increase.

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