All -time performance 3 telecommunications companies, the 5G midterm plan introductionThe temperature difference

All -time performance 3 telecommunications companies, the 5G midterm plan introductionThe temperature difference

In the first quarter of this year, three telecommunications companies recorded ‘all -time’ performance, showing a temperature difference between operators for the introduction of the 5G midterm plan.

In the meantime, there was a high demand for the launch of the 5G midterm plan, especially among consumer groups, and the Yoon Seok -yeol administration was also positive for the introduction of the 5G midterm plan.

According to the industry on the 16th, the three telecommunications companies reportedly simulated the introduction of the 5G midterm plan internally. Based on these results, SK Telecom is thinking about the launch of various plans, and KT and LG U + are in a position to watch the situation.

■ 3 telecommunications companies recorded records of all ages

The three telecommunications companies recorded the largest operating profit since the opening of the LTE era in 2011, with an operating profit of KRW 1.3 trillion in the first quarter. By telecommunications company ▲ SK Telecom sales of KRW 4.277 trillion, operating profit of KRW 42.2 billion ▲ KT sales of 6.2777 billion won, operating profit of 626.6 billion won It recorded 61.2 billion won.

However, the three telecommunications companies cannot be happy. Ahead of the presidential election, consumer groups have pointed out that the 5G plan is too high, and has argued to introduce a midterm plan. The cheapest 5G plan of the three telecommunications companies is a plan that offers 10GB for about 55,000 won. The plan on it is 110GB, so there has been a point that there is no plan between them.

The three telecommunications companies are steadily investing in the 5G infrastructure, so the introduction of the midterm plan was burdensome. Then, as the Yoon Seok -yeol government has taken out the 5G midterm plan card, the center of gravity is gradually leaning toward the introduction.

On the 28th of last month, the South Ki -Tae -Ki, the Science and Technology Education, and the acquisition committee member, said, “The people’s data usage is increasing rapidly, but the user’s choice is limited due to the limited plan operation.” I will expand the choice of reconciliation users. ”

Since then, Kim Jin -won, SK Telecom’s CFO, shot a signal of the 5G midterm plan, saying, “We are considering a variety of plans in consideration of consumer needs, usage patterns, and subscribers.” At the time, Kim said, “It has been the 4th anniversary of the launch of 5G and has surpassed 40%of all handset subscribers, so it should be considered a trend.”

■ Mixed gaze at the 5G midterm plan

The industry’s interpretation of the 5G midterm plan is clearly divided. If consumers currently using high -priced plans move to intermediate plans, the average sales (ARPU) per subscriber may decrease, but low -priced plans or LTE subscribers can quickly switch to the 5G midterm plan.

An official in the telecommunications industry said, “From the telecommunications company, 100 people in one 5G base station, but 1,000 people are mobilized, but they want to attract consumers who commercialize expensive plans.”

Other officials in the industry said, “There is a low burden on the price, so consumers who use the 5G low -cost plan or use LTE may enter the higher plan.” “It is.”

He added, “When the 5G midterm plan is actually released, it will be important to be important.”

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In securities firms, the introduction of intermediate plans will not adversely affect performance. Lee Seung -woong, a researcher at Evest Securities, said, “Some data -free plan subscribers may be departed, but it will be a temporary effect, and it may be accelerated in that the plan is to expand the selection of general subscribers.”

Choi Nam -gon, a researcher at Yuanta Securities, believes that the introduction of the midterm plan can have a slight negative impact on the ARPU, but it is not a great concern. “The 5G midterm plan was one of the cards that carried out the 5G midterm plan because the slowdown in the 5G penetration rate began,” he said.

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