Twitch star Pokiman talks about her stalker: Thats why she doesnt buy a house!

Twitch star Pokiman talks about her stalker: Thats why she doesnt buy a house!

Twitch star Pokimane is the most successful streamer of the platform and can proudly look at an impressive number of followers and subscribers. But if you are successful, at some point there are also unpleasant fans on the mat – sometimes in the truest sense of the word.

And Iman Anys, as the streamer is correct, has already had numerous experiences with hatred on the Internet : Hasser -filled news according to a picture in which she can be seen without make -up, inappropriate sexualizations and insults from fans are for Unfortunately, the streamer nothing new.

Stalker follows Pokiman to the front door

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In an interview with the Youtuber Anthony Padilla, Pokimane now spoke about a fan who has left the anonymity of the Internet behind to bother the streamer in real life. A fan literally became Stalker and probably traveled to California just to see Pokiman at home:

_ “There was a guy who appeared in our neighborhood and just walked around while looking for us. He met my roommate and said: ‘Oh I know you. You have to bring me to Poki, we belong together. I came down here for you. ‘”_

Fortunately, her roommate switched quickly and warned Pokiman of the guy, whereupon the streamer closed all her doors – and turned on the stream:”I thought when the guy finds me and trying something creepy, I am at least streaming so that people see people, what is happening.”_

In the interview, she continues that such fans are the reason that the streamer does not want to buy a house **. The purchase of the house binds to an address and as soon as it becomes known in such circles, any feeling of security disappears. According to its own statements, the Twitch star is more flexible and can quickly change the current place of residence if necessary.

The fear of intrusive and dangerous fans is also the reason why Pokiman uses three phone numbers:”I have received so many creepy messages. If someone finds out your number and decides to bother you with a Swat attack, threatens you this and that, or says he would find your family. “_

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