SIMS 4 Guide to obtain higher education

SIMS 4 Guide to obtain higher education

The degree in The Sims 4 seems obvious at first glance, but you can scratch the back of the head when the time comes to your simum to choose your own path. We organized all the important details for the degrees in The Sims 4 below.

What are outstanding degrees?

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This is one of the most frequent questions that players ask when it comes to the degrees in The Sims 4. In other words, outstanding degrees are a type of degree that you can get based on estimates in high school. If you get an outstanding degree, your work after the end of the college will contribute to your promotion faster, bring you more money and even more paid leave.

diplomas of the Institute Foxbury

The Foxbury Institute is a more modern of two options for higher education, so it makes sense to give priority STEM options for its outstanding degrees.

diplomas of the University of Britcheter

Britical University is a typical classic college with vast territory, old towers on the territory of the campus and a rich student culture. Naturally, this university gives priority to art to obtain outstanding degrees.

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