Which are The Highest Rated MMORPGs on Steam in 2022?

Which are The Highest Rated MMORPGs on Steam in 2022?

Steam is a gaming software and social network service. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games and optional features such as game demos, auto-patching, and game achievements. As we previously mentioned in our blog, it can be hard to find even a top list of the best MMORPGs on Steam. That’s why we created one for you to compare them yourselves easily! Steam started in 2003 as a way for groups of people to play games like Half-Life 2 together via a new mode called Steam Multiplayer. It has since grown into one of the most popular online game platforms. The best options might seem limited for gamers looking for an online RPG on Steam that isn’t fantasy-based. Diablo 3 is available, but there are plenty of other blockbusters fans may be interested in playing. This article will talk about those types of RPGs – those that don’t depend on wizards or dragons to have great gameplay – and break down choices worth checking out. We hope you enjoy reading this article!

Lord of the Rings Online

MMORPGs are known for their great atmosphere, rich content, and regular new updates, even though the game is 13 years old. In The Lord of the Rings Online (or LOTRO), you travel to Middle-earth, slowly but surely from the quiet starting area into a world threatened by Sauron’s grasp. The game goes beyond Tolkien’s novel to tell its own story even without the ring.

What do the Steam reviews say?
Overall, the Middle-earth MMORPG has 15,413 ratings, 81% of which are positive. The ratings are higher in the past 30 days, with 84% positive reviews, but only 289.

How many players are on Steam?
Nearly 1,315 players played Lord of the Rings Online every day for the past 30 days. At its peak, 3,744 players watched the title at the same time. This is the best value since it was released on Steam two months ago in 2012.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
The Lord of the Rings Online is primarily for fans of Middle-earth, with stories drawn from movies and theme park players. However, if you’re starting an MMORPG today, you have to consider the very weak graphics and rather drab combat system. However, going through the story can be a great comfort.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online places excellent emphasis on letting you enjoy each level alone in the world of Tamriel. That’s why the dynamic system was introduced, with which you could theoretically even complete a level 1 endgame dungeon. ESO’s unique story and setting of the game world are compelling. You already know many iconic places from The Elder Scrolls game and the famous compass instead of the minimap.

What does it offer?
ESO receives three DLCs and one major expansion each year. In June 2021, the new expansion Blackwood was released, followed by High Isle. 2019 is all about Elsweyr and dragons in the game world south. On the other hand, head to Skyrim in 2020 to discover the Black Heart of Skyrim.
The Elder Scrolls Online offers you:
Regular updates, at least quarterly
a huge game world
Missions are full of sounds and exciting stories.
Various dungeons
Server vs. Server PvP

What are reviews on Steam?
ESO has 97,917 reviews on Steam, 83% of which are positive. This is also the highest-rated MMORPG in this ranking.
There have been 1,364 reviews in the past 30 days, but 87% are positive. Still, ESO has lost one spot in the rankings compared to March 2022.

How many players are on Steam?
An average of 15,687 players have played ESO in the past 30 days. At the peak, 26,810 people were online at the same time.
Overall, MMORPGs perform well on the platform. In 2014, it started with less than 1,000 concurrent players. It only crossed the 10,000 average player mark for the first time in April 2017. In April 2020, the average player count exceeded 20,000 for the first time. After the end of the corona measures, the numbers dipped slightly in the small drought that preceded the expansion in June.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls and like to roam the MMORPG on your own, you should check out ESO. The game convinces with a great story, unique graphics, rich content, and an action-packed combat system, where you sometimes have to stop enemy attacks.

Realm of the Mad God Exalt

Realm of the Mad God is a bullet-style MMO where you and dozens of other players will explore the realm of the Antelope God. The MMORPG uses the old-fashioned 8-bit style and has a particular mechanic: you’re dead and have to start with a new character once you die. Combat is action-packed with a mix of targeted and non-targeted combat.

What does it offer?
In Realm of the Mad God, you can expect a variety of PvE and RPG content. Have:
16 different classes
Hundreds of weapons, potions, armors, and trinkets
Various tasks that tell the story of the game
Dungeons and raids with players against bosses
pet system

What are reviews on Steam?
Overall, Realm of the Mad God received 41,430 reviews, 84% positive. Of the 270 reviews in the past 30 days, only 67% were positive. Overall, there has been a slight downward trend in valuations for several months, mainly due to small transactions.

How many players are on Steam?
Realm of Madness has averaged 1,594 players over the past 30 days, with 2,543 concurrent players.
However, the MMO can also be played in the browser, which is more popular, according to reviews on Steam. After only a few hours of playing, many people submitted comments but said they had been playing in the browser for a long time.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
To have fun playing this MMORPG, you need to resist setbacks and have a penchant for sharpening. Due to permanent death, you sometimes have to start over. But there’s always something going on in Realm of the Mad, and as long as you don’t get killed, the fights are fun.

Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon is an indie MMORPG that hopes to take you back to the days of EverQuest 1 and Asheron’s Call. There are no predefined classes, and the combat system is also based on classic tag positioning. Also, MMORPGs place a lot of emphasis on exploring the world and finding things independently.

What does it offer?
Various PvE content such as quests and boss monsters
Trade with your market stall
NPCs should recognize you, and you can make them friends or foe
There is currently no PvP, and if there is, it won’t be in the open world.

What are reviews on Steam?
With 1,536 total reviews, Project Gorgon is the lowest on this list. Of these, 84% were positive. The most recent reviews in the last 30 days are also 91%. However, there are only 45 pieces.

How many players are on Steam?
Over the past 30 days, an average of 156 players have played Project Gorgon, with a peak of 318 online at the same time. These were the best values ​​since early 2020, when the game benefited from corona measures.
The excellent value is probably the sale on Steam at the end of April.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
Anyone who wants to relive the gaming experience of the Everquest 1 era or wants to see an MMORPG that relies on the classic virtues of the late 1990s should check it out. However, the graphics aren’t particularly modern.


RuneScape is one of the oldest still active MMORPGs, first released in early 2001. You go through many adventures in fantasy worlds and learn about ancient legends and legends while the gods make dark plans. You decide whether you want to explore dungeons, fight monsters, and salvage treasures, or work as a blacksmith supplying weapons to adventurers. You can even build your farm and live there.

What does it offer? In RuneScape, you can pass the time in several ways:
You can explore dungeons with other players
agricultural equipment
Upgrade some countless life skills
Experience PvP
What makes it special is that the content is not adapted to “modern games.” There is no separate content or sprawling story. Exploration and team philosophy play an important role here.

What do the Steam reviews say?
The MMORPG first appeared on Steam in October 2020 and has since received 17,477 reviews. 88% of them were positive.

How many players are on Steam?
Over the past 30 days, there have been an average of 3,668 players online, with 5,211 at the peak. Since RuneScape has been on Steam for decades, the total number of players will increase significantly.
However, the number of players on Steam has been on a marked downward trend. In the summer of 2020, more than 6,000 people were online on average, which was no longer possible at the peak.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
If you’re looking for a classic MMORPG that’s rich in content and needs a lot of polishing, you should check out RuneScape. However, the movement and combat systems are a bit old. The graphics aren’t great either. It’s not without reason that a game in development for nearly 20 years still inspires its fanbase.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the West. It got off to a lackluster start in 2011, and it wasn’t until 2013’s revamped “A Realm Reborn” that it hit players’ hearts. MMORPGs currently offer content with regular content updates and expansions like Endwalker, especially for new players. Since the Free2Play experience has been revamped, they can even play content up to level 60 and the first Heavensward expansion. MMORPGs are reminiscent of classic Japanese RPGs due to the intense focus on the story. Many tricky raids and missions await you in the final stage. But you have to get along with the combat system, which can seem challenging and slow, especially at the beginning.

What does it offer? Final Fantasy XIV provides everything an MMORPG heart desires:
huge game world
very focus on the story
Deep Production System
Challenges in the form of dungeons and raids
With the expansion of Endwalker, the MMORPG has been expanded for winter 2021, adding two new jobs, new areas, a farming island, and a lot of history.

What are reviews on Steam?
Overall, Final Fantasy XIV has 51,576 ratings, 88% positive. However, only 85% of the 928 reviews submitted in the past 30 days were positive.

How many players are on Steam?
Twenty-eight thousand nine hundred twenty-four players have played Final Fantasy XIV on Steam in the past 30 days. After the hype in December and January, those numbers have dropped significantly but are better than Endwalker’s previous levels. At its peak, 54,905 players were online at the same time.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
FFXIV is primarily aimed at fans of Final Fantasy and players who like to visit dungeons and raids. As tricky as it gets to get started, MMORPGs are one of the best in the genre, and every MMO fan should try it out at least once, thanks to Free2Play’s changes.

Legends of Idleon MMO

Idle Legends MMO is a Free2Play game that combines classic MMORPG elements like quests, dungeons, gear development, and crafting with idle gameplay. The English word idle is similar to idle and describes how you play. Without much effort and focus on the game, you deserve a sense of accomplishment and reward. One of the most famous idle games is Cookie Clicker, also coming to Steam in 2021.

What does it offer?
The legend of idle relies on many idle elements. The combat system provides complementary skills and depth. However, there are many grinding tasks, including:
Several areas with different difficulties
Various materials for collecting and crafting
different dungeons
Multiple characters passively perform tasks in the background, such as collecting materials.

What do the Steam reviews say?
The saga of Idleon has garnered 7,259 ratings so far. 90% of them were positive. In the past 30 days, there have been 401 new reviews, only 80% of which are positive.

How many players are on Steam?
The new MMORPG was released in April 2021 and hit an all-time high in July 2021, when it peaked with as many as 6,544 players online at the same time.
An average of 3,593 players have played the game over the past 30 days, with a peak of 5,052.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
Anyone who enjoys playing idle games and MMORPGs will find an exciting combination here. You can kill for months with honing and still have an ongoing sense of progress and reward.

Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is an older version of RuneScape, but it evolved in a very different way. The game was released in 2013 but is based on the 2007 version of RuneScape. Meanwhile, old titles have been expanded to include new content while still relying on the same goodies, such as team play, smashing, and similar hack’s slain controls. Each new feature must also receive 75% approval from players before developers can implement it.

What does it offer? Similar to RuneScape, older versions depended on:
agricultural equipment
23 life skills
small game
PvP content

What do the Steam reviews say?
Old School RuneScape has received 11,025 ratings so far. 90% of them were positive. There were 224 new reviews in the past 30 days, of which only 82% were positive. There is a slight criticism of raising subscription prices here.

How many players are on Steam?
In February, the MMORPG started with an average of 3,400 players and 6,020 concurrent players. At the same time, however, these numbers have dropped significantly.
An average of 1,208 players have been online in the past 30 days, with 1,831 at peak. Again, it’s clear that most RuneScape players aren’t on Steam.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
If you’re looking for an authentic old-school MMORPG, both visually and in terms of gameplay, you’ve come to the right place. While Old School RuneScape doesn’t look pretty graphically, it offers a ton of content and has a large and supportive fan base. However, it would help if you had a monthly subscription to experience everything.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR is an innovative MMORPG in the famous and popular Star Wars universe. It focuses on the story, encourages moral choices, and draws you to power’s light or dark side. While the game relies on classic tag positioning, it tries to do this in a more modern and dynamic way. Story aside, MMORPGs can be persuaded by a good companion system, exciting endgame raids, and PvP content.

What does it offer? The MMORPG was released in 2011 and had been expanding ever since. If you start using SWTOR now, you will have hundreds of hours of content.
Eight tiers, 4 of which belong to the Republic and 4 to the Empire
Different races, some of which can only be used with a premium account or must be purchased separately
Extensive story and mission offerings
Endgame dungeons and raids
Fun PvP content like Huttball

What are reviews on Steam?
SWTOR only appeared on Steam in July 2020, but it was quickly met with positive reviews. It currently has 41,401 reviews, 90% of which are positive. In the past 30 days, the MMORPG has received 1,151 ratings, 87% positive.

How many players are on Steam?
SWTOR got off to a strong start in July, with an average of 18,449 players and a top concurrent player of 27,416. The numbers have declined since then.
Over the past 30 days, 5,337 players are still playing, compared to 9,067 at the peak.

Who is MMORPG valuable to?
SWTOR appeals to Star Wars fans, theme parks, and story gamers. The point is the story, which you can immerse yourself in without paying. This makes SWTOR an excellent single-player MMO.

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