New Sonic series: First pictures from Netflix

New Sonic series: First pictures from Netflix

A few days ago Netflix Via YouTube presented numerous new animation series, including a series about the fastest hedgehog in the world. This bears the name “ Sonic Prime ” and was briefly introduced at the end of the two-minute preview video. Sonic Prime was originally announced in February 2021 and is to be published with a length of 24 episodes on Netflix. However, there has not yet been an exact released date for the series, in which Sonic is to be confronted with a “multiverse”. The blue hedgehog has already received numerous more or less successful animation series in the past. The latest implementation, Sonic Boom , is considered one of the better implementations of the brand in TV format among fans, even if only because of a large number of memes.

new series, new speaker

The success of the two movies is demonstrated that the brand “ Sonic the Hedgehog ” is currently working very well in film and television.

The second part is now the most successful video game film in the history of the US cinema and replaced its predecessor in this regard. It is therefore understandable that Netflix presents a Sonic series at this point as a highlight of your own trailer show. In itself, the short clip doesn’t show much exciting. We see a Sonic running through the Green Hill Zone, which lasts briefly to celebrate his own “coolness”.

Sonic Prime FIRST LOOK Revealed! (NEW Sonic The Hedgehog Netflix Series)

It is only striking that Roger Craig Smith no longer serves as a voice for Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead, Deven Christian Meck will verbally embody the blue hedgehog in the series. However, it has been known since the end of 2022 that Craig would give up the role.

no return to the foreign shame

Not surprisingly, the very humorous tone of the short trailer is. But if you think of past experiments such as “Sonic Underground” or “Sonic X”, Sonic Prime looks significantly less like a convulsive attempt to present your own brand as a dark or serious 1. There are some who appreciate the over -dramatized dialogue full of foreign shame, which were seen in past series and games. But for marketing the series, the current approach should be much more sensible.

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