There is a finished final Fantasy 16

There is a finished final Fantasy 16

Fans have been waiting for new information about Final Fantasy 16 for months, now the next trailer for the game is finally finished. But don’t be happy, because we can’t look at him yet. After all, the waiting should come to an end soon.

ff16, finally give me the new trailer!

Since the end of last year, fans have been waiting for a real sign of life from FF16. Actually there should be a new infodrop at that time, but it was postponed to spring. Since then, it has to be patient and that is not exactly easier because the new trailer for the game is apparently already finished.

As user Aitaicimochi reports on Twitter, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida has probably given some new information on the state of development in a stream. Accordingly, the new trailer for the game was already finished, but there were “certain factors” that would have ensured that the planned publication had to be postponed.

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There is at least a small consolation: The trailer should already be shown “soon”. What does that mean specifically? Final fantasy is no longer too much time to show his big reveal. Until then, we have to make do with the first trailer:

Final Fantasy 16 should be almost finished

Also from the tweet shows that FF16 should be almost completely finished. According to this, the development team has already invested a lot of time in polishing the game and opening bugs – one of the last steps in development.

This coincides with past statements by the producer, in which he states that the game is in the final stage of development. Of course, it is all the more difficult to continue to wait for new information, especially since FF16 promises to capture the spell of old parts and thus stir up hopes, especially for fans of classics.

opinion of the editor

Eleen Reinke


Final Fantasy 16 New Trailer is Finished & Game Nearly Complete

Slowly the waiting for FF16 is really difficult, especially when new information is so promising, but are still held back. I would like to simply ask that Square Enix will finally give us the new trailer, even if the shift certainly has good reasons. After all, if the information is right, I have great hopes that the trailer also has a release date. And maybe – with very, good luck – it is even this year.

What about you, are you more patient than me, or do you want to see the new trailer for FF16 at all costs?

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