Kanye West wanted to develop game, flashed at Miyamoto

Kanye West wanted to develop game, flashed at Miyamoto

Kanye West a few years ago Shigeru Miyamoto personally demonstrated his own video game a few years ago. This was reported by the current Twitch producing t Zachary Ryan on Twitter. Ryan learned the story as part of an interview with Miyamoto in 2016. According to Ryan, West appeared on E3 2016 a year earlier and asked for an “audience” at Shigeru Miyamoto on the Nintendo booth.

a video game from Kanye West

This very abstruse wish was fulfilled Kanye West and so there was an encounter between two personalities, which could not be more different in their media presence. West took this opportunity to present Miyamoto his own video game. It is apparently an early version of the game “ only one “, which was officially announced in 2016. During the presentation, Miyamoto could hardly believe what happened to him.

Kanye West Video Game (courtesy: Twitter - @CashmanDesigns)

In West’s prototype, the rapper’s mother is said to have been the main character on her way to heaven. The associated soundtrack came from west accordingly. During this description, Miyamoto shook his head due to the absurdity of the situation just described.

Apparently Kanye West Nintendo, who currently have to deal with allegations of questionable personnel treatment, wanted to convince in any form of the prototype. Of course, it never came about a publication of only one on the nintendo wii u or the nintendo switch . But apart from the failed pitch at Nintendo, it became quiet over only over only over the year. Kanye West originally announced the game in 2015, and production is said to have started in 2014. However, the production of the project with West’s mother in the leading role is said to have been canceled in mid -2016.

an absurd event

Certainly this story is one of the most absurd in the history of the video game industry. But the Timeline around the West project does not make history impossible, if not more understandable. So we live in a world in which Kanye West Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to convince of a video game prototype. Provided, of course, that neither Zachary Ryan nor Shigeru Miyamoto lies brazenly at this point.

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