Naver working place, time, and staff selected directly

Naver working place, time, and staff selected directly

On July 4, Naver announced on the 4th that it will introduce a new worked work system, “Connected Work,” which allows employees to freely choose office work and remote work forms. It is the direction to strengthen the NAVER working culture based on autonomy, responsibility and trust by expanding the autonomy of employees in business spaces.

Connected Walk means that Naver’s work continues by closely connected to colleagues, users, small and medium -sized businesses, creators, and business partners. Working immersion focuses on the essence and designs a way of working that individuals can choose autonomously.

Naver employees ▲ ‘TYPE O (Office-Based Work)’ ▲ Type R (Remote-Based Work) ‘You can choose one of them.

How to use Naver Maps in English
Even those who choose ‘Type R’ support public seats for the office in the office. Naver will continue to support several measures to expand synergy through teamwork.

Choi Soo -yeon, CEO of Naver, said, “We focused on the value of Japan rather than when we worked when we worked.” “We have introduced a new work system based on Naver’s unique culture. “We will continue to seek many ways to immerse our employees in the best environment.”

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