Minecraft villager

Minecraft villager

Just like in the real world, Minecraft villagers are an important part of the economy in the game. While the villagers work, they can act with them to maintain certain objects based on their profession. However, not all Minecraft villagers are the same and different professions act with different objects.

There are a few different types of Minecraft villagers professions that you have to know and master. Every villager has a different job and exchanges different objects with them. Trading with them can be a great way to farm different materials, but they are limited to the number of trades that you can do in one day.

You will probably not find a village with all villagers jobs, and there could only be a few inhabitants. So you can use job blocks to change your job. This is an easy way to act the desired items without having to do too much work. In the following we explain this process in detail together with everything you need to know about jobs and professions of Minecraft villagers.

all Minecraft village residential jobs

Minecraft 1.16 - How To Give Villagers Jobs! (Every Villager Job)
There are a total of 13 Minecraft villager jobs that you can find when you visit a village. Each villager exchanges various objects based on his specific job title.

Here are all Minecraft Villager jobs and their professions:

Weapon Master: * Trade with chains, armor and iron
Butcher: is dealing with meat, stew, sweet berries and seaweed blocks
Cartographer: deals with cards, banner patterns, papers and compasses
cleric: * deals with magical objects such as end pearls, potions and redstone
Bauer: deals with crops, advanced foods and bridal ingredients
Fischer: is dealing with fish, bearing fabrics and enchanted fishing rods
Fletcher: * acts with flint, arches, crossbows and arrows
Leather worker: deals with leather goods, skins and signs
Librarian: deals with enchanted books, glass, paper, ink, compasses, name tags, feather and lanterns
Maurer/Steinmetz (Java/basic rock): * Trade with terracotta, polished stones, quartz and sound
Schäfer: acts with dyes, wool, scissors, beds and paintings
Tools: acts with bells, harvest tools, minerals and ax magic
* Weapons smithy: deals with enchanted weapons, bells and minerals

Apart from the villagers’ jobs listed above, there are technically two other “job titles” that they could see in a village: unemployed and idiots.

The unemployed villagers have no job, but they can start by claiming an unused construction site block. Weak heads, on the other hand, have no work and will never get one.


Job blocks are used in Minecraft to assign villagers a job. You can assign a job to every unemployed villager by placing the corresponding block below. If the villager already has a job, just break open his existing block and replace it with the job block you want.

However, if a villager has already done a trade, you cannot change his job. So be sure to look at all the villagers before you play your first trade in a new village.

Here are the Minecraft job blocks (and with which job they work):

Weapon Master: * Hochofen
butcher : smokers
Cartographer: Cartography table
cleric: * brow stood
Bauer: compost
Fischer: barrel
Fletcher: * feathering table
Leather worker: Kessel
Librarian: Redner desk
Maurer: * Steinmetz
Schäfer: loom
Tools: forged
* Weapons smith: Schleifstein

How to create Minecraft Villager job blocks

Minecraft job blocks can be made like all other objects. Simply find the recipe for the corresponding block and throw the ingredients into a craft table to make it. It is actually very simple and nothing has to be done on the article.

how to assign a job to a Minecraft villager

To assign a job in Minecraft to a villager, simply place the corresponding job block in front of him. If you are unemployed and have not yet traded, the new position will be accepted. A green aura hovers briefly around the head of the villager when a job has been accepted.

On Java, the villagers can only take a job during the day. However, the villagers can take on a job in Redarten while sleeping. In both versions, the block must be placed flat on the floor to accept the job so that the villager can reach it. Blocks placed on articles are not accepted.

How to unlock a Minecraft villager

You can only deal with Minecraft villagers about ten times, although this is different depending on the job and whether you play Java or Dampf. As soon as the limit has been reached, you can no longer act and have to wait until the villager unlocks the trade again.

Fortunately, you just have to return to your construction site block to fill up your articles. The villagers can fill their objects twice a day. So if you want to exchange more than that, you have to wait for a new day in the game.

However, be careful, because as in real life, the price increases when an article is in great demand. So go clever with your trades and your resources. Otherwise you will pay more for your articles!

Now that you have a good idea of all Minecraft villagers, why don’t you put together a few ideas for Minecraft houses and ensure that your Minecraft survival server feels at home?

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