The last Easter egg found seven and a half years later

The last Easter egg found seven and a half years later

7 Easter Eggs That Were Never Found
The game is considered a classic, if not one of the biggest video games of all time. Whether it is history, music, performances or graphics, it is a game that has been acclaimed by criticism, a sequel and even has a television adaptation in preparation. This is a game that people know from front to back – at least that’s what we thought, when a new Easter egg has been discovered.

For those of you who have somehow missed the game, The Last of Us follows Joel – a passer – and Ellie – an immune teenager against the mutated fungus who caused a zombie apocalypse – while they travel through a Post-apocalyptic America so that a vaccine can be developed.

Part of the reason why the game works so well is that, unlike many zombie horror attempts, the version of the kind of The Last of Us is both new – a fungal infection – and closer to life Real, being based on a real fungus, Cordycepts, which affects ants. This frightening origin is at the center of the Easter egg recently found – which can be found a few minutes from the start of the game.

The Easter egg was found by Anthony Calabresse, a Twitch partner who focuses on the speedruns of The Last of Us, and the process is simple enough for no one to discover it before that, while being enough against -turitive for this to make sense. When you play at the opening of the game, you pass a checkpoint by going down; If you stop, recharge the last automatic backup and go up to the floor, you will see an ant infected with cordycers on Joel’s television.

Is it possible that there are more Easter eggs hidden in the game? It is possible – and with The Last of Us leaves 2 released last year, there is a great possibility that there are even more secrets hidden in the universe that we could never have guess.

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