LOL – MSI 2022: Ratatouille and Pokemon sneak into the International Hymns Tournament

LOL – MSI 2022: Ratatouille and Pokemon sneak into the International Hymns Tournament

The surveys have spoken and all the MSI teams now have a designated song to serve as hymn. The procedure was carried out in two stages: first the teams (G2, T1, EG, Order…) selected 4 songs that were close to the players’ heart, then in a second stage a vote on Twitter made the rest. This participatory vote allowed everyone to get involved but above all offered some surprises! Diversity is the keyword and if we find very League of Legends melodies as Dragons are imagine, we also had the right to a few surprises. Among them, Pokémon , K-Pop and even cartoons of pixar.

The 11 hymns of the MSI teams: some things that

Some songs are very close to the universe of League of Legends. We can mention in the first place those of Order and Saigon Buffalo that both have music by Imagine Dragons . The group is intimately linked to the Moba Universe: its Warriors song is the 2014 World Cup anthem and also composed the intro for the animated Arcane series (Enemy). G2 became even more corporate by selecting his homemade song “ Our Way “. There are several artists but also the CEO of the team (Ocelot) and the players of the current squad. Run 3 months ago, he received quite positive comments, although we can’t really say that he has become iconic… In case G2 wins in MSI 2022, we imagine that he would help bring this song to a higher level of recognition.

But after the music that sounds very familiar, there are others that we did not expect. We quickly review the music a little mainstream and without much flavor ( Roar of Katy Perry E Industry Baby of Lilnasx) to which we could add the K-Pop sound of BTS ( Dynamite ). However, we want to stop in three teams:

PSG Talon will finally have the Pokémon song.
The Brazilians have chosen le festin of the animated film Ratatouille. We really have no explanation and we do not know if the players understand the lyrics, but it is very fun. Hopefully this song allows Red Canids to find the right recipe to do it well internationally.

TAKE NOTES | MSI 2022 - League of Legends
* Japan, as expected, threw someone from home like Lisa and her Gurenge to represent Detonation Focusme. Kimetsu’s intro No Yaiba was the most beloved option for fans and they have demonstrated in the surveys.

We escape for little some madness!

The 11 votes gave their final result and observed that some teams reacted more than others. Among the good students, we must mention T1 with more than 53,000 answers. However, we noticed that the Chinese of RNG were not very followed, with “only” 20,000 votes… It must be said that Twitter really is not used much in China. You could even say that it is prohibited unless you use a VPN.

It is not necessary to repeat the story, but we were pleased to see the follies that passed under our noses:

Mix of Bella Ciao Tito *: We are quite fans of this remix by Bella Ciao, but I had to give in to the song made in G2 (34.7% against 54.3%).
The National Hymn of Vietnam : Vietnamese are proud of their country and shows. The official anthem was almost chosen (44.9% against 46.7%). We are quite relieved, since we would have found it less pleasant than Imagine Dragons.
The Time Is now (John Cena) : We almost had the right to a Bangger to remind us of the good fighting afternoon in Héctor del Mar and Fernando Costilla. Pokémon is very good for the PSG Talon, but music to pass over the third rope would also have been beautiful (27.5% compared to 62.5%).

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