There are no plans for a physical version of Sonic Origins

There are no plans for a physical version of Sonic Origins

From the revelation of Sonic Origins , collection that includes the classic titles of the blue hedgehog, many have wondered if a physical version would be available. Although during its launch only different digital versions are talked about, SEGA is aware of the public’s demand for an album or cartridge of this package.

In a recent presentation dedicated to answering fans’ questions, Katie Chrzanowski, social media manager of Sega of America, mentioned that At the moment there are no plans for a physical version of _Sonic Origins _ , but the company is aware of the public’s demands. This was what she said about it:

“There is no [a physical version] planned at this time, I have seen many comments that ask for one, so the team is aware of that, there is a need for a physical launch.”

In this way, fans will have to settle for the collection digitally at this time . However, we must not lose hope. Recall that Ssic Mania eventually had a physical version with everything and a small art book included.

_ Sonic Origins_ will arrive in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC on June 23, 2022 . On related issues, this collection already angered fans. Similarly, we already know when Seic The Hedgehog 2 A streaming will arrive.

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Editor’s note:

It is a pity that a collection of this type does not have a physical version. SEGA is applying that of Rockstar with gta: The Trilogy, and is eliminating other versions of the classic Sonic Games, so nothing stops them in the future to do the same with this package.

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