PS Plus Premium probably packs demos behind a paywall and that stinks me

PS Plus Premium probably packs demos behind a paywall and that stinks me

Actually, demos are a nice thing. They have interested new games try for free, where they are still unsure or that they simply did not have on the plan, but they still aroused their interest. Even those who look forward to a certain title can get a foretaste of what to expect.

Accordingly, it sounds promising that in the future there should be over 33 euros of demos on Playstation – but only for subscribers to PS Plus Premium. And that’s exactly what I have a problem.

Eleen Reinke

Eleen never actually has enough time for all the games she wants to play. All the more beautiful she finds free and freely accessible demos, with which she can try out in advance which games she really wants to get. And even for everyone who doesn’t have enough money to get every game at full price, it is a useful way to sort out.

PlayStation demos will probably be behind a 119.99 euro playwall in the future

The revised PS Plus subscription should start in this country in June and offer various advantages depending on the option (essential, extra or premium). Most of them will of course get the most expensive option PS Plus Premium, which, in addition to a game library with over 740 titles, should also contain trial versions of AAA games. Sony has not yet announced how exactly these demos should look, but there are already leaks that two -hour trial versions should be mandatory for all games over 33 euros. You can also read more about this here:

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PS Plus Premium: Free demos are apparently to be created by the PlayStation Store team


This makes sense for Sony, after all, PS Plus Premium at 119.99 euros a year is not exactly cheap, especially compared to the essential version, which just costs half. The most expensive variant must therefore offer something to be attractive for players. While the game library is definitely a tasty bonus, the demoren regulation is rather angry with me. Because the fact that the allocation options are only included in Premium are effectively located behind a paywall.

So far, most demos are not free for nothing, although they are certainly associated with development effort. After all, they are an advertising measure, which in the best case should increase the sales of games. If I only get these trial versions with PS Plus Premium, I have the feeling that I would also have to pay for the advertising. After all, Sony also wants me to buy the titles played in the best case. So that I have to pay money so that I can give Sony more money then seems a little strange to me.

If you want to find out more about what specifically in the various PS Plus options, you will find the overview here:

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PS Plus revolution officially: All information about the new subscription service for PS4/PS5 (exclusive)


if free trying out is not free

Unfortunately, it is also not new that demos are not only used as advertising for games but also services or consoles. Most recently, Resident Evil 8 had several demos that could be played exclusively on PS4 and PS5. I have already complained about the fact that the trial versions were also quite short available.

PS Plus Makes You PAY For DEMOS!? SALTY PlayStation Fanboys DEFEND Paying For 2 Hour Game Trials!?

On the one hand, I understand that Sony wants to sell the new service by offering as many advantages as possible – at the same time, this procedure contradicts what is at least in my understanding. Of course, it is a service if I can test games without having to pay the full price – but it is also a sales measure from which the developers promise profits. Quid Pro Quo, so to speak. But if I can effectively pay for a game using a subscription before I even have it, it feels wrong for me. And ensures that the PS plus premium demos are no longer so nice.

What do you think about it, do you not like demos in aboservices or do you rather see them as an additional goodie?

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