5 best places for mining ore in Minecraft

5 best places for mining ore in Minecraft

In updating Minecraft 1.18 Caves and cliffs, the method of generating ore in Minecraft has changed dramatically. Previously, the ore was mined continuous blocks on certain layers. But with the addition of the “Cave and Rock” updates now it will appear at different concentrations on certain layers. This changed the way the most effective mining of ore.

As a result, the best places for ore mining in Minecraft have changed significantly. Continue to read to find out where it is best to get the ore after the caves and rocks.

The mountains

You do not even need to start a large-scale mineral extraction operation to find ore in Minecraft. Mountains and surrounding areas are excellent places to find ores such as copper and iron, as well as gold and emeralds.

Moreover, these deposits often have source open-air points. You can easily detect them from the surface and carry out small excavations to find more. This makes them an excellent starting point for more large-scale mining operations.


While we are talking about natural wealth in your Minecraft world, natural caves provide incredible opportunities to search for ore and other materials. Whether the caves on the surface or deep underground, the probability of stumble upon the veins and ore clusters in the caves are incredible.

And you should not rely too much on the name of the update, but the rocks are also fantastic places to search for ore deposits!


It is not surprising that randomly generated mines in Minecraft are excellent places to search for ore. As they cut through large underground areas, you can easily find hidden cores of ore. In addition, they are filled with other goodies that can be collected!

Mining ORES manually for dummies.

layers 16-40

These layers provide an average of the highest concentration of materials, including copper, iron, lazuli, gold and sometimes emeralds. The only thing you can find here is diamonds that begin to be generated at 16 and lower. But, on the contrary, it is also the perfect place to start mining diamonds from digging.

anywhere in the layers of DeepSlate

DeepSlate layers added to Caves and cliffs are filled with a huge amount of iron, red stone, gold, lazurite and, of course, diamonds with random copper deposits. So, if you are looking for late mining, you will not be mistaken with mining in DeepSlate.

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