Pokimane gives spectators tips against gambling addiction

Pokimane gives spectators tips against gambling addiction

While Pokimane has often brought in the past with more or fewer popular actions and statements in the headlines, the current report around one of the largest streamers in the world should not necessarily ensure a large backlash. Finally, the 25-year-old streamer has recently tried to help a viewer regarding his gambling addiction. Spicy is of course, of course, that this gambling addiction was accredited according to its own statement by a Twitch Streamer named “Trainwreck” by its gambling streams.

The Pokimane vs Ninja Drama Explained

Gambling on Twitch

Only in August 2021 we had reported that Twitch would try to restrict gambling streams. This was the prohibition for direct linking or application of services such as online casinos. Streamer like Trainswreck also play currently gambling in their streams.

In the description of its stream, the streamer reminds of the dangers of gambling and has in the past also talked about large financial losses in its part. But scenarios like those of Pokimane’s audience quite in question if this type of “warning” is sufficient. The viewer spoke about being more and more in the hole of gambling through the streams of Trainswreck. Last year, according to its own specification $ 60,000 lost.

Pokimanes advice

Despite this high sum, the viewer announced to continue to operate gambling. On this confession, the streamer initially responded with the question why the spectators would continue to continue gambling at all. This was followed by the unambiguous call to look for professional help in the case of gambling addiction and not to believe naïve, one could handle this kind of addiction completely alone.

Pokimane has already critically expressed in the past to persons like Trainwreck on Twitch. Examples such as these confirm the suspected negative consequences of such a division of streams. However, some spectators or spectators doubted that this was a real confession. In any case, in Germany, this discourse in Puncto Twitch is by no means new due to persons such as Montanablack.

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