Minecraft: How to get Honeycomb and what it is used for

Minecraft: How to get Honeycomb and what it is used for

The bee update for Minecraft was quantifiable throughout the community. A new MOB added to Minecraft is always a big deal, but all the new mechanics that came next to it were something that everyone wanted to benefit. The hives and all the honeycombs they produce were a pretty big deal for minecraft and still affect new mechanics added in future updates. Of course, you can not use honeycombs if you do not know how to get them and what they can use. Let’s talk about what honeycombs are good for.

How do I get honeycomb in Minecraft?


It may seem simple to get honeycomb in Minecraft, everything you need to do is break the bee sticks, what you might think. However, you will be disappointed if you do it so, because everything you get are angry bees and otherwise nothing, and angry bees are worse than angry frogs. To hide honeycombs properly from a hive, you need a scissor. If you do not want to worry about the honeycomb honeycomb with angry bees, you also need a campfire.

Just put the campfire under the hive and ignite it. The smoke looks like a real smoker to reassure the bees and allow them to harvest the hive without annoying the bees in it. All you have to do is simply use the scissors at the hive to harvest the honeycombs. You can also use a donor next to the hive with a scissor in it to harvest the honeycomb. If you use this method, you do not have to worry about the campfire, as the donor is the one who would annoy the bees.

Once you have the honeycomb, you can use it in a variety of craft recipes. You can surround a set of honeycombs with wood to build your own hive. You can combine one with a string to make a candle. You can also use honey on copper blocks to grow them and prevent them from oxidizing. You can do that on a craft table or you keep the honey simply in your hand and use it on the already placed copper block.

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Finally, you can tinker four honeycomb to a honeycomb block that can be placed under note blocks to convert the sound you create in flute sounds. It will be the same note that has already been selected on the block and instead played by a flute. If you need more help with minecraft, you can read our other instructions.

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