Schröders thanks to the audience: the community we need

Schröders thanks to the audience: the community we need

The SVW celebrates with almost 7,000 guest fans at Schalke. And in front of the Gelsenkirchen north grandstand? There the entire Schalke group thanks for the support, while the most loyal supporters speak loudly again. “We win together and we lose together. Head up, tick off, continue,” the media department of the miners has said on Twitter.

“If you see the Schalke fans alone, how they reacted: this is the community we need,” confirmed sports director Rouven Schröder at “Sky” and, despite the clear defeat (“Bremen has won today”) that made it clear that that) The look ahead. Schröder’s demand: “To score triple in Sandhausen.”

Schalke’s remaining program: Sandhausen, St. Pauli, Nuremberg

After five victories, Königsblau lost under interim coach Mike Büskens for the first time, but the Bundesliga relegation still has all the cards in his own hands. And so it was “beautiful” according to Schröder to have the next chance of three points after such a game on Friday evening.

Tabular, the guest appearance in the Kurpfalz is the simplest of the three remaining tasks. But you shouldn’t underestimate the SVS, as the Alois Schwartz team is the fourth best second half of the season. At the end of the season there are top games against St. Pauli and Nuremberg.


“Schläfig”: Schröder criticizes standard defense

Captain Victor Palsson was honest too: “We weren’t there today, Werder was better. A deserved victory.” Defense colleague Marcin Kaminski agreed: “Check off. Tomorrow we will make the analysis where we made the mistakes.” The difference was especially in the two Bremen corner thrusts in the first half when the first two guest goals fell. “Compliments to the Bremeners, but we were sleepy here. Sometimes you survive something like that, not today,” added Schröder. Next Friday, the team has the chance to do better.

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