How to do homework in the sims 4

How to do homework in the sims 4

Games of all kinds are great for escape from the real world. However, sometimes the things we are trying to avoid in the outside world. An example of this is a terrible homework! Good to do your homework in Sims 4 is that you really don’t need to do it yourself! But if you have a particularly rioty sim, you may find it difficult to make it do it. Procrastination, apparently, is peculiar not only to people. That’s how to do homework in Sims 4.

how to do homework in the sims 4

You can find any homework that has been appointed in your Sima inventory. Homework is two types: Homework in elementary school and homework in high school, Then there are also additional credit projects.

To perform any of the tasks mentioned, follow these steps:

  • Click on your inventory (Box icon in the lower right corner)

How to Do Homework in The Sims 4 ???? | Grade School, High School and University ????

  • Select your homework

  • Click Make Homework

Then your sim will start performing a homework if he has a fairly high responsibility, but more beliefs may be required if he passes through the stage! When sims are sent home with additional work, they can not always start it, especially if autonomy is turned off in the game (this means that you always control everything they do). Just check your inventory, and then select a job with an additional loan, as usual, or you can put an object into the world and make Simim interact with it from there. Work with additional points increases the estimates of your sims, so it is worth it!

Thus, your sim can perform that the same task you have so diligently avoided every day after school, unless you were a good student!

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