Epic Games Store: On this free

Epic Games Store: On this free

If you want a break for your purse between the price-intensive blockbusters, you can enjoy the EPIC GAMES STORE EPIC GAMES STORE every week. Be their foundation of the shop of the industry-magnate EPIC namely and again with free games **.

The free titles change every Thursday, punctually at 5 pm and while you are still the strategy classic xcom 2 and the mountaineering adventure INSMROUNTAUTABLE secure, the two free games are waiting for this Week in the form of multiplayer game Riverbond and the horror trips Amnesia Rebirth on you. Also the games for next week Thursday, the 28. April are already known.

Which free games are there next week in the Epic Games Store?

One of them listens to the name Just the Already and even if the similar scary sounds like Amnesia Rebirth, hides behind the absurd title actually a very humorous sandbox game of Doublemoose, the developer of * Goat Simulator. * And despite the first premise: because as a pensioner who is thrown out of his nursing home, she suddenly stands in front of it.

Now it is said to collect pension vouchers with life-threatening challenges to spend the old age on the road. But old bones are easily broken and so Just the Already becomes a chaotic adventure that die of the funniest species while hopefully surviving your laughter in front of the screen.

LIVE Reveal of next free games on Epic Games Store
Something more serious, but clearly bizarre, then at the point-and-click puzzle adventure paradigm is: As failed Mutant Paradigm you have to beat Krusz in Eastern Europe through the postalapalyptic country. The love of music keeps you on the legs, but your past together with a genetically changed sloth is close to heels. Both paradigm as well as just the Already will be available from April 28 at 5pm to 5 May at the same time free of charge.

Free games: a blessing for every purse

How much money is left for other games and hobbies through the free offers of the EPIC GAMES STORE , you can easily calculate yourself: If you download Ribond and Amnesia Rebirth until next Thursday, you have all the * 45 euros saved *. And the free titles of the next week usually cost good money.

Only in theory for free are the NES classic from Nintendos Online Service Nintendo Switch Online , after all, you must first complete a paid subscription. After all: According to a Leak, the already pretty appropriate offer is to be extended to be extended to some games classics such as Pac-Man or Castlevania.

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