The PlayStation console leads to the threat of a pump at the airport

The PlayStation console leads to the threat of a pump at the airport

Easter Sunday, a terminal at the Logan International Airport of Boston was evacuated when security examined a suspicious package. The Massachusetts State Police Anti-LaShumps Squadron arrived at the airport at 4 p. Yahoo news. Apparently, the poor system was “anomalies in the image when subjected to X-rays, so it is likely to be a console of a previous generation, unlike a PlayStation 5. However, the system Specific has not been revealed.

The video of the evacuation was shared on Twitter by the user @Battlebornlv and can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

While it is not clear in the video, NBC Boston says there was quite panic after the evacuation. The Nico Scello traveler told him in the middle that there were “people screaming and screaming as if it were a movie.” Scene also felt that there was not enough communication about the situation.

Airport Evacuated When TSA Mistakes Playstation for a Bomb ????

“I think the craziest part was that any other terminal knew what was happening, so I’m on the bus, everyone else is normal and my heart is accelerated,” said Sceel to NBC Boston. “One would think that communication would be a little better. I’m going to Boston Logan Instagram, I’m going to Twitter, I’m looking for Google, I only constantly update Boston Logan news. I do not receive updates… Everyone is waiting. It’s frustrating”.. »

Fortunately, the situation turned out to be a false alarm, and the antibomb squad apparently ended its investigation at 5 p. m. It is not clear what kind of impact the scare could have had for people traveling during the holidays, particularly those who could have had connection flights. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that no one was injured. Nor is it clear what happened with the PlayStation that caused as much stir, but this situation could make your owner consider buying a new console, if he has not yet done so.

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