EBay classifieds: Warning before “delivery service”

EBay classifieds: Warning before “delivery service”

On eBay classifieds there is a new fraud mesh. Consumers should take care of dizons.

Dortmund – always heard again from nies dizers on the sales portal eBay classifieds. Now even the company even warns about a data fraud by alleged “delivery service” SMS.

eBay Classifieds: “Delivery Service” -SMS – Users tapping in fraudulent trap

With this data fraud users of the sales portal eBay classifieds are asked to use a “eBay classified announcement”. The swindlers send their victims to an external link via SMS or Messenger service. There, users should then specify their payment data directly. But this curious delivery service does not exist as the company itself warns of Instagram.

Instead, the scammers are merely to reach personal payment information. A user has already experienced the stitch and commented on “Since someone wanted to buy a table, wrote me about WhatsApp and I could send the table but by eBay classifieds, with the delivery service” it says.

eBay classifieds warns before “delivery service” SMS: This is how users can protect themselves

But before such scammers you can easily protect yourself according to the company. In order to tap in no trap, the company also advises from several typical errors. So users should not follow links sent by other users (more digital news at SMS).

The mobile number could also be removed from the profile when messages are undesirable via external messenger such as WhatsApp. Payment information to third parties is also a NO-GO, because that can quickly be dangerous.

eBay Classifieds: “Delivery Service” -SMS – How User Can Report Scammers

Who has contact to users who behave inappropriate, can report them additionally. In every first e-mail you get from a prospective partner, a direct link should be included for the reporting of spam or the like, it says on the website. But beware is offered, because by some ads you can also make yourself punishable.

Who is victims of fraud, can log in with his profile and block the conversation under news. This automatically deletes all messages from this user and it can not contact this person again by e-mail to this ad.

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