The case Hamama: DFB

The case Hamama: DFB

Everything started with a contribution in the ZDF sports studio on February 7, 2021, in which an invoice of the communications consultant Kurt Diekmann was shown. The background of DieKmann engagements at DFB are still nebulous. One page about ex-vice-president Dr. Rainer Koch, ex-Treasurer Dr. Stephan Osnabruges and Ex General Secretary Friedrich Curtius represents it as if Diekmann accompanies the separation of infront medially. Ex-President Fritz Keller, on the other hand, suspected cribs for his disadvantage. Therefore, Hamama, then Kellers Office Manager, had taken insight into at least one Diekmann. Around one month after the ZDF contribution, the DFB Hamama initially terminated without notice, then again neat. Apparently one wanted to push the transfer of documents into the shoes to the double family father.

Spicant is against this background: the compliance representative of the DFB, a former prosecutor, had examined the document transfer and had come to the conclusion: “After completing the compliance examination, in the present case can not be determined doubt, by whom the relevant invoices The media were passed on. ” In any case, several employees had access to the document, which is also noted in the Compliance Report. Nevertheless, the then DFB tip threw out Hamama, against the will cellar. On the following day of a meeting in which the Lawyer of the DFB had informed the regional and national associates about alleged backgrounds of Hamama termination, by the way, cellars of unanimable comparison occurred cooking with the Nazi Richter Freisler, who made the winemaker politically intolerable and ended his end DFB-Haupt injected.

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Both bearings have long been in the former power struggle past. According to Keller’s retreat, Osnabergese announced not to run as treasurer, Curtius’ contract is dissolved and cook failed with his re-election at the DFB Bundestag in March. For Hamama, who is now a director of international relations with Eintracht Frankfurt, the thing seems to take a better end after a long time.

Judge expressed doubts about the duration of the terminations

After Diekmann information, the DFB dismissals based on a comparison are now understanding itemless, the employment relationship is therefore dissolved as for 30 June 2021. A felt defeat for the association, but ultimately little surprising. Because already at the quality date before the Labor Court Frankfurt / Main had the responsible judge. Ilka HeineMeyer doubts to the shelf life of the dismissals expressed and granted several deadlines to the parties. Now it seems to be found on mediation of the court before it had come to another appointment in front of the labor court everywhere there anyway.

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