Battlefield 2042 – Is that the rescue?
 Update 4.0 provides over 400 changes

Battlefield 2042 – Is that the rescue? Update 4.0 provides over 400 changes

EA added at the beginning of the year that the launch of Battlefield 2042 has been set to the sand. But despite all the problems and dwindling user numbers, the publisher wants to stick to the shooter and pull him out of the swamp piece by piece.

Most recently, patch 3.3 finally appeared the long-promised scroreboard, plus more vivid other innovations and improvements. Update 4.0 should still go much further and bring Battlefield 2042 fresh up again.

On Twitter DICE gives us a view of what awaits us coming week.

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Update 4.0 For Battlefield 2042 Has Over 400 Fixes & Improvements!

That’s in the Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0

“Over 400 individual bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements” , community manager Kevin Johnson promises. Unfortunately, a complete list of all patch notes is not yet ready – which follows the beginning next week – but some of the most important changes can already be found in the Twitter feed:

  • With Update 4.0 Rao and Paik receive an update of your traits.
  • Sundance has received some corrections on your grenade belt, which enable better target recording with anti-tank mongrians in your immediate environment.
  • Fights with vehicles get a balancing, in addition to targeted optimizations such as the Bolte, to ensure that infantry / vehicle counterattack still has bite.
  • Ads error fixes, leaving a vehicle or when reviving close to obstacles, are also included in this update.
  • Attachments are also revised in Update 4.0, focusing on ensuring that they feel unique and affect your loadout and gunplay.

Johnson thanks for your patience and is already looking forward to the feedback of the community when the update is rolled out in a few days.

Here you will learn more about the previous problems of the game:

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How is Battlefield 2042 Next?

Soon a year after the launch of Battlefield 2042, we are still waiting for the beginning of Season 1. According to Dice, Dice should be waiting with the starting shot until everything goes well in the game. Is this the case after the upcoming update? Who knows, 400 innovations are a good view, but still it can still take good until summer. When the time comes, every three months a new season should go to the start, each with fresh characters, maps and weapons.

Do you think you, Dice and EA can still save Battlefield 2042?

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