New Sonic The Hedgehog game is announced, but there is a trap

New Sonic The Hedgehog game is announced, but there is a trap

With sonic the hedgehog 2 Now in the cinemas, the fanatics of the blue blur may be looking to enjoy some new games with the character. Unfortunately, _ sonic strikes_ still do not have a release date, but fans can always see the new Sonic speed scowler_ meanwhile. However, there is a problem: it is only available in roblox! The game was created as a collaboration between Sega and Gamefam, turning Sonic into the first important character of a videogame to appear officially at roblox. _ Speed price_ allows players to compete against their friends through different worlds, obtaining rewards as masks based on the Sonic franchise.


According to a press release, Sonical Speed Scowler_ will receive weekly updates, so roblox Fans can expect to see new content plus what is currently available. Once the game has received more than 10,000 «I like», the _roblox the community will also receive a free Sonic aspect.

Roblox was launched for the first time in 2006 and has become one of the largest games in the world, with more than 100 million active users. Given the great popularity of roblox, the collaboration with SEGA makes a lot of sense! After all, Sonic has previously appeared in minecraft too, and this type of game could help introduce players to the character and the world from him outside the Paramount films.

While today’s announcement will surely be disappointing for those who are not interested in games like roblox Sonic fanatics have a lot to wait this year. Out of the previously mentioned frontees sonic, _ Sonic Origins_Collection will also be launched at some point this year. The collection will count Sonic the hedge, Sonic the hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 and nudillos and cd sonic. Collection Origen was announced last year, but Sega has not said anything about when the collection will be launched. Meanwhile, players looking for the best Sonic games available on current video game platforms can check the list of here.

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