Trek to Yomi will come out on May 5 and teach new GamePlay

Trek to Yomi will come out on May 5 and teach new GamePlay

Return Digital has published an extensive video of Gameplay of Trek to Yomi , and is the one you can see about these lines. After 15 minutes of trailer, they have also revealed the title launch date: it will come out within a month, on May 5, for xbox one , xbox series x and s , playstation 4 , PLAYSTATION 5 and PC , available from your launch at the Game Pass service.

Trek to Yomi | Extended Gameplay Video | Coming May 5

This Samurai title is developed by Leonard Menchiari (Riot) and the study Flying Wild Hog (responsible for Shadow Warrior or Hard Reset). He will put us on Hiroki’s skin, a young swordsman who will embark on a vengeance trip to vindicate the memory of his teacher.

In the progress of him on the game, my partner Víctor Martínez talks about how the study pays tribute to Akira Kurosawa cinema thanks to a great base that promises a solid launch, thanks to a great emphasis on the aesthetic:

In the background, Akira Kurosawa is more than the black and white image or fat grain: No doubt his technique was important (it’s movies, after all!), But no less important was his ability to take to Its land The great themes of Tolstoy, of Dostoyevski or Shakespeare, and then make your land one common and that continues to appeal to anyone who approaches its films. Judging by these first two chapters, the foundations that Leonard Menchiari has placed (directing Flying Wild Hog, the Study of Shadow Warrior; his logo appears after the name of Menchiari when the game starts) are robust and they can hold what they want to come Then, whatever it is; If they are _solly, at least they will be from the prettiest that have been seen in a good time.

Here you can read the full text.

Trek to Yomi will be published on May 5 at Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC . It will be available as a launch on the Game Pass subscription.

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