Steam Deck updates the status of your shipments for Q1 and Q2;
 New wave of emails

Steam Deck updates the status of your shipments for Q1 and Q2; New wave of emails

The shipping process of Steam Deck continues slowly but without pause. The new Valve laptop in the form of console is a reality in the homes of many buyers whose reservation appeared for Q1 (until the end of March), remits officially finished. Valve hDeck orders notified players with Preview for the first quarter that already have sent the lDeck orderst wave of emails to process the purchDeck orderse. Deck orders always, the message will appear on the message with three calendar days to complete the order.

This week you start sending emails for Steam Deck reservations from Q2

Once the distribution and delivery of Steam Deck orders of Q1 at an international scale will be the turn to begin with those users whose estimated date of delivery is the Q2, which makes it explicit Deck orders some time between the months of April and June

Specifically, Deck orders they warn from a message published in the Twiter Social Network, Deck orders of this week, started on March 28, 2022, “We will begin to send the orders emails for the second quarter reservations (April-June).

If you have a Steam Deck reserved and you do not know How to consult the estimated date of delivery of your order , you can check it quickly here.

Valve increDeck orderses the production of Steam Deck; The new orders will not reach October

Steam Deck Shipments Increased + Lego Star Wars best settings!

Although Valve hDeck orders increDeck ordersed the production rate of Steam Deck this same month, there is a nuance that is worth emphDeck ordersizing for those interested in making the device without reservation: The new reservations have an estimated delivery date for not before next October .

So far, the catalog of games verified or jugables of Steam Deck exceeds 1000 videogames.

In Meristation we have already tried Steam Deck in depth with a total of 10 games. Here we tell you our impressions with each of them in detail.

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