PS5 at Kaufland: New online

PS5 at Kaufland: New online

Amazon, Saturn, Müller, Otto and other online retailers are not enough to breastfeed the demand for the PlayStation 5. Me Kaufland as a new dealer will not change that quickly, after all, it is missing on replenishment and not to shops, but with Kaufland a provider joins to increase your chances for a PS5. (Via Gameswirtschaft)

Kaufland sells the PS5 now

On the online marketplace of we find quasi everything: garden furniture, clothes, toys and also consoles as the PlayStation 5. But as they are still RAR, third-party providers also offer the console only singular and for horrendous prizes.

In the last few days, Kaufland also appeared on the EIA, such as the Horizon Forbidden West Bundle with a drive PS5 for 579 euros. And that’s no coincidence, because Kaufland rises as a direct seller in the distribution of the PS5, as she confirmed games industry:

_ In the extension of our assortment, we are based primarily on customer demand. This is currently very high at_ the PlayStation 5. We are therefore looking forward to a cooperation with Sony and have already been able to sell some PS5 bundles including the Game Horizon: Forbidden West to our customers to the non-binding price recommendation of 579 euros.

In the future you can try your luck on Important: If you do not want to buy as a third party, but at Kaufland as a provider, then make sure that Kaufland really is designated as a seller.

A joke with true core: In this context, the small Troll of Kaufland opposite Sony, that the “PS5 is now available”, suddenly in a completely different light:

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‘PS5 from now available’ – Kaufland Trolls PlayStation in a genual way


Обзор Horizon Forbidden West

PS5 ticker at Müller: If you do not just want to leave to Kaufland, then look at the news on Müller and in our PS5 pick-up ticker past. There we inform you about possible and certainly upcoming PlayStation 5-drops as well as all other dealers.

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