Start-up capability enhancement and investment attracting, G

The Graduate School of Global Business and Korea Industrial Park, Sungkyunkwan University, said the Korea Industrial Complex is a 2022 global company to strengthen the Startup Management capacity (G-AEP).

The G-AEP program is a program that encompensate the success of the start-up and supports networking and investment in participating companies. Through education, we capture entrepreneurial items in conjunction with the digital conversion era and to capture the opportunities for entrepreneurial opportunities and improve their investment attractivity, and the optimized dedicated mentoring system through demand surveys. It is the fourth train this year with the first procedure in 2019.

The recruitment target is a startup founder, a start-up job worker and an expert, and the training period is a total of 18 from May 18 to November 9. Procedure To prepare for the rescue of the Stationary Center, Sungkyunkwan University, the Undergraduate School of Entrance to the Global Foundation Center, Here, you can also receive investment attraction support through accelerator linkage program.

G-AEP 4 support can be received by downloading the application through the ‘G-AEP support’ of the official site, and after downloading the application, it may be accepted by the secretary visit or email ([email protected]).

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