Minecraft update adds an element that changes the game

Minecraft update adds an element that changes the game

Minecraft The last snapshot contains an element that, without hyperbols, will probably change the way people play the game in several ways. The element in question is the “compass of recovery”, and is a totally new element that is being tested as part of other characteristics of the new Deep Dark biome that is on the way. Recovery Compassses will allow players to quickly locate the last place where they died, but at the moment, this tool is only available in the Java version of Minecraft through snapshot 22W14A.

If it was not yet evident because of the use of that element, being able to find out where it last died is a great help for minecraft players, since it also means that you can recover your lost booty before it disappears. Currently, players have to use reference points and return on their steps to discover where they died for the last time, which can be particularly problematic when exploring underground areas.

This function should allow players to feel more comfortable assuming risks both at the beginning and when they have to go recover their articles, as they will have a better idea where the team is. For those who play with others, they will know very well how a death and lost objects can spoil a game session and make someone consider stop playing at night. However, with a compass of recovery waiting at the base when you reappear, there is the possibility of recovering the equipment and maintaining the impulse.

The patch notes provided for this snapshot showed exactly what the recovery compass does and how it can be designed. Keep in mind that this is not something you want to take with yourself all the time, since it will not help you fall when you die, but it is a good article to keep at home in case of emergencies..

Recovery compass

  • Unlike a normal compass, the recovery compass will point to the last place where he died

Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a : Recovery Compass, Echo Shard et Mangrove !
* If it is not in the dimension in which he died for the last time, or he has not yet died in his world, he will randomly turn
* It can be manufactured with 1 compass surrounded by 8 echo fragments, which can be found in ancient cities.

The recovery compass is currently only available on the latest Java snapshot, but Minecraft Players can expect the live version to reach the PC and other platforms once the test phase has concluded and the update that contains it is published.

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