Everything please!
 So much it costs when you buy all games on Steam

Everything please! So much it costs when you buy all games on Steam

Steam is the contact point number one for PC players. And the numbers show: The platform is still growing. The number of games is enormous and new titles appear every day. But what would it cost now if you would buy all these games at once? This reveals an exciting website.

Expensive fun: You need so much money to buy everything on Steam

A full Steam library is the dream of every PC player. However, it turns out the question of how rich you should be to buy you every single game . A website now finally delivers the answer.

I Played Steam Games That Nobody Plays
On Buy All Steam Games, what the entire Steam offer would cost. The price has been more than doubled since 2017 . Currently, the numbers are as follows:

All games for full price 745.179.55 US dollars (about 685,952.68 euros)

All games at a reduced price cost $ 720.639.71 US dollars (about 663,363.27 euros)

Purchase price fluctuates: Steam sales influence the price strong

Particularly interesting is how strong the price bursts as soon as Steam organizes one of his famous sales . During the last great sales, the entire game collection became about a third cheaper.

Opposite Kotaku Press Chengang Wang, the owner of the website, that all DLCs and other additional contents are calculated in the price . Considering that some games together with their extensions cost several hundred euros, half a million US dollars almost look like a bargain.

The project was inspired by a similar site, but since 2014 no new updates received. From now on Buy All Steam Games should always be displayed the latest price.

Tests your unnecessary gaming knowledge

To buy all games on Steam, you do not even have a millionaire . Nevertheless, you should wait better for a sale.

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