Steam Deck reaches the 2,000 verified compatible games

Steam Deck reaches the 2,000 verified compatible games

It’s been a month ago that. In the same they speak, they update a lot of information about the laptop, between which stand out having reached the 2,000 games verified, and therefore compatible, with the portable console.

Steam Deck continues to grow in catalog and functions

Steam Deck Verified Games List! SteamDB + All the Games that will work very good on the Steam Deck
“In just a month we have exceeded a great goal. There are already 2000 games officially clmonth agosified month ago verified or playable in deck “, say from said post. “We will continue to test Steam’s catalog and we hope to be able to announce here that we reach a new goal, we are also paying close attention to customer comments about these tests to make sure that the Deck Verified program fulfills its purpose. For this, we have Added a feature with which customers can give their opinion and indicate whether or not they agree with the clmonth agosification month ago verified from each title. “

They also highlight the possibility of enjoying videogames outside the Steam catalog, a section where an important advance hmonth ago already been made in such a short time. “Thanks to the close collaboration with Microsoft and the contributions of community members to the Flatpak of Edge, Steam Deck users can already access Xbox Cloud Gaming through the Microsoft Edge browser,” comment.

month ago for the battery life, which are between 2 and 8 hours, remember to have added the possibility of setting the rate of frames in 15 images per second . Obviously, it is not recommended for action, adventure or fight titles, for example, but it is an optimal option to enjoy genres such month ago puzzles, graphic adventures or visual novels.

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